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  1. Hey, thanks Tron--that list is a good starting point, I see it has a few indications of Powers used (mostly Lews Therin's 'lost weaves') though not a ton for the most common weaves. Thanks for the input! And thanks to mb too. :-)
  2. Hi all. Forgive me if this is the wrong place for this question, but I'm engaging on a WoT-related academic pursuit of sorts, and past experience led me here as a good place to start a line of inquiry. My question is this: are there any good resources out there in the fandom pulling together canonical references to the specific Powers used to make specific Weaves, and the rough proportions of Powers used? IE some resource that has gone through the books looking for lines like "Moiraine arched her perfect little eyebrow and intoned mysteriously,'Fireballs use mostly Fire, but also a teens
  3. Haha, damn. It's funny, because I'm sure there were times (after TGH) where she had serious qualms about using the Power to kill, as if she hadn't yet. It shoulda been a bigger deal, at least, for her to kill in ToM--at least big enough a deal for me to remember that it happened! Ah well.
  4. When last we left Moghedien (practically), at the end of Winter's Heart-- "Strangely, she still felt no fear. She thought if she survived this, she would never feel fear again." Flash forward to A Memory of Light. In the middle of a pitched battle, Nynaeve and co. come upon Moggy, who seems strangely intent. "Don't worry, everyone," Nynaeve announces firmly. "I've beaten this one twice, and I can do it again. The Spider has always been the most cowardly of the Shadow's servants." "Once that was so, Wisdom," Moghedien sneers. "Things have changed." And then she channels Ai
  5. I dunno, as wonderful as communities and theorizing and all that are, I think it's been a little to the detriment of fantasy (and maybe all genre fiction) for just this reason--for opening up this opportunity for disappointment. Back in the day (not that I'd know, I guess...), it seems like people could have their theories, but there was little in the way of echo chamber or sounding-out platform to magnify those theories beyond idle, fun speculation. Then the internet came along, and personal theories became a standard to bear. And that's cool! We wouldn't be hear if it weren't an awesome
  6. There is something incredibly true, and incredibly wise, in the way that Aiel custom has woven the process of bonding a dear friend as a first-sister. This scene from the prologue, in which Elayne and Aviendha confirm their deep mutual trust and friendship, is one of those moments that had me thinking, "Robert Jordan sees more simply and more clearly into the human heart than most of us." We should all take a moment to follow the example of this scene to tell our best friends what we most admire about them, and what we find most irksome about them. One Power or not, I think we'll find ourse
  7. Thanks! haha I dunno if I'm a mad theorist, but I have a lot of thoughts and opinions on the way I would like to see plot points go--maybe I'll get into some of them--but I'm never too disappointed when what Team Jordan comes up with is better :D
  8. great idea! looking forward to the new medium for newses.
  9. Hey, ya'll, I'm Alex, but you can call me Stableboy, SoB, Baer, whatever :) I've been reading the Wheel of Time for Ages now, ever since my mother introduced it to me, and I can't really estimate how the characters and RJ's writing and style are intertwined with my life. I'm on my Nth complete reread, eager to get a handle on the breadth of the whole series up to and including Towers of Midnight and in anticipation of the release of AMoL next year, and well--it made me want to get into the community! I've lurked a bit without foisting my presence (I am but a humble stall-mucker, after all),
  10. How cool to be named after the Lord Dragon! And I guess it's a good thing you didn't read the first half of the first book and throw it across the room in disgust :)
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