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Hello everyone, my name is Spacey and this is my first time here at DM. I came in through the Band of the Red Hand ORG and hope to have a good time here.


I will just get the necessary apologies started now. When I do something wrong, and I am sure I will, I apologize in advance as well as when it occurs.


Well, hope to be meeting a bunch of new friends while I am here, and would gladly answer any questions that you would have about me.

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Hey, Spacey! Nice to see you around! Welcome to DM and make sure that Band of miscreants *grins and nudgest Corki* treats you right. :D


*showers thread in confetti*


Welcome to DM!

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Howdy U4ea, nice name. Have we met? I am usually very bad with names but I think I would have remembered this one.


Corki is a good guy, he has treated me with the upmost respect. :)


And thanks for the welcome.

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I don't think so. I'm Lor, by the way.


*grins* And Cork's great, as long as he's not challenging me to posting contests. *laughs*


It's nice to meet you, though! I'm glad you're having fun already. *winks*

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Lor, we may still be behind, but there is still a lot more posting to come from the Band...over half of our members are not even here! And if they got their backsides into gear once they have read my email, the Kin had better be fearing!


Plus we then have the joys of deleting posts as well! :lol:

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Guest Egwene

Hi Spacey...don't forget to check out the discussion threads. There is a really amazing one about who killed Asmodean. You can even vote on it!! (not many people know that... *she says looking innocently around her* ....so you may want to tell all your friends!!)



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*runs around his thread trying to figure out what he said*


Ummm, I don't get it.


I said thanks, you responded nicely..


Other people talked...


Then...I dunno...


*confused, but used to that*

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