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Welcome home Doha


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Winifred's eyes gleamed as she saw the Stedding from afar. She did enjoy her traveling, it was why she chose the path of a Tracker. But there was nothing as exhilarating as coming back home. And even more exciting was the thought that she was the one introducing a new comer to a whole new welcoming world. A community of kin that didn't fear you or judge you. A real unconditional family.


Both Winifred and Doha walked on, passing along other Wolfkin. Some were talking among themselves, some building a fire in preparation for the midday meal. Most of them raised their head for a moment to see who the newcomers were but they quickly went back to their business. "So, this is the Stedding, Doha. Right now I have to escort you to a Sage to make sure you're as healthy as a bull. After that you'll be able to wander a bit and get familiarized with the surroundings. For now, though, follow me."





So, we're here! lol Taymist should jump in as the Sage. Feel free to post before her if you want to describe Doha's reaction to first stepping into the Stedding... but if Tay beats you to it, just post after her :)






Head Tracker

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