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Solitude Shattered (attn: Zeveria, Lashara)


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Gianna walked stiffly towards her room from the Mistress of Novices study. This was the third time this week she had been sent there, and it probably wouldn't be the last.


Growing up in a royal House, Gianna was used to giving orders, not taking them. It was her habit to raise her head high, not bend it to anybody. That habit was constantly getting her in trouble with the Aes Sedai. Even her own mentor had to call her out more than once for failing to show proper respect.


She reflected over this most recent visit to the Mistress' study.


"You must learn that you are no longer a member of a Great House here, Gianna. Here you are no better than the farmer's daughter, or the butcher's niece. Perhaps it would be prudent to remind you that pride comes before a fall. If I remember rightly, you still have not managed to touch Saidar since your arrival, yes? You would do well to see that your bloodlines or raising do not grant you abilities or status above a woman of the meanest background. Otherwise..."


The Aes Sedai paused, mulling over the best choice of words.


"If you cannot curb your haughty airs, Gianna, there is a possibility you will be asked to leave the Tower. You will never channel on your own, so you are not a danger if we put you out. However the Tower hates to lose an initiate, there are some things we will not tolerate. Continual defiance and arrogance from a Novice are two such things. Do not get sent to me for this again, Gianna."


Gianna had stood there in shock, as a cornered animal might. Even now, her eyes burned with tears as she ran to her room. She would be Aes Sedai. If only she could touch the Source...she could show them her potential....


At least she did not have any roommates to see her tears right now. She reached her door finally, and pushed it open, scrubbing the fallen tears from her cheeks with a snow white sleeve.


When she looked up, she started backward in shock. There on one of the other beds was the form of a young woman, a girl whom Gianna had never seen before. The young lady seemed just as startled by Gianna's entrance as Gianna was by her presence.


She slammed the door behind her, crossed her arms across her chest and demanded, "Who are you, and what are you doing here?!"


Whatever the other woman's response, Gianna had a sinking feeling she knew.


So much for solitude...Light, I hope she can't tell I've been crying!




OOC: All yours, Zeveria and Larasha! How about Zeveria and I get introduced and Larasha comes crashing in not much later, and introductions all around again. I think it would be great if you guys notice Gianna's face eventually, and get her to talk about what is wrong. If you can get her to open up about it, the flood gates will be open LOL!


By the way, Gianna is short (being from Cairhien), has mahogany brown hair and blue eyes that always appear slightly wide or startled. She also has quite an arrogant air about her, although that might change soon. ;)

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Guest nephitess

IC: Having just gotten to her room, Zeveria walked to a bed. She was not even looking really at what else was there. It looked pretty bare so did not think about it for more than a minute. Dropping her things she fell on the bed, feeling quite overwhelmed. She could channel!!! Light! That had never crossed her mind. She just wanted to know more about these women that her father was so against and why the political strife she had come from focused on them. Being from Amadacia, it confused her. she had heard stories about her fathers family being turned upside down because of these women also stories about her mothers side to, put she did not know much about it. Being one to be stubborn, she continued to think it through and came to a determination of mind to learn as much as she can about how to channel. She was not sure she wanted to stay any longer than necessary to learn about her family and then leave. Lying down on her bed, she started to pray to the light, she needed the strength! Falling asleep she relaxed.


An undetermined amount of time later, a bang startled Zeveria awake. The bang was followed be a young woman, she was on the shorter side and had brown hair. Her big eyes seemed to be a little red, but in Zeveria shock she did not notice this at first. At first Zeveria did not move they just looked at each other in surprise. Sitting up she straitened her dress, and was startled again by the door being slammed.


"Who are you, and what are you doing here?!" the girl demanded as she crossed her arms under her breasts. She even started to tap her foot!!


‘Light but this girl is upset!’ Zeveria thought. Looking at the girl in the eyes, she said.


“Well my name is Zeveria Agotta. I’m from Amadacia, I just got here today. So if you’re going to have a problem, I suggest you talk to the MON. She IS the one that put me here.†pointing to the other bed and smiling she added “How about you sit and we can talk. If we are going to room together we should get to know each other, don’t you think??â€


She watched the other girl and waited for her response. She did not want to upset her further but Zeveria was most defiantly not going to take to being pushed around.


OOC: OK, my char, she is really a sweet person and naturally shy but will stand up for herself. She has long red and has the look of an Andormen, that is were her family is originally from. She is about 5’10 tall. She loves to play the harp and will do so especially when she needs to think and meditate.

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After slamming the door shut behind her, Gianna simply stared at the woman sitting on the low bed. She had a feeling that this was a new roommate, but she hoped she was mistaken. The solitude of having the room to herself was a blessing at times.


The other young woman took her time straightening her novice dress, smoothing snow white wool down her arm. She looked up at Gianna, chin raising slightly as she spoke.


"Well my name is Zeveria Agotta. I’m from Amadacia, I just got here today. So if you’re going to have a problem, I suggest you talk to the Mistress of Novices. She is the one that put me here."


Gianna nearly gaped at the new Novice. She definitely was confident, wasn't she? Gianna prepared to lay into the new Novice about how she didn't NEED a roommate, when Zeveria spoke up again.


"How about you sit and we can talk. If we are going to room together we should get to know each other, don’t you think?"


The Novice gestured to Gianna's own bed, opposite the one Zeveria was sitting on. She had a soft smile on her face, as if seeing Gianna in such a discomfiture was slightly amusing.


Gianna stalked over to her bed, and sat down heavily. She needed to resign herself to the fact that she was going to have a roommate again. Might as well try to get along with the girl. With a deep breath, she introduced herself, and tried not to sound too haughty as she did so.


"I am Gianna Riatin, from Cairhien. I have been here six months so far."


Gianna winced at that. Six months in the Tower and still could not channel a lick. Tears burned her eyes once more, and she desperately tried to change the subject so that Zeveria would not notice.


"You said you are from Amadacia. I thought channeling was outlawed there, as were Aes Sedai. How did you come to the Tower?"

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Guest nephitess

IC: suppressing a giggle at the girl’s expression, Zeveria waited for her to sit. Taking a closer look at her fellow wearer of white, she noticed her dark coloring and short stature. The girl sat down with a thud and appeared to be thinking.


‘She must be from Cairhien!’ Zeveria thought. ‘I recognize that look.’


“I am Gianna Riatin, from Cairhien. I have been here six months so far.†with a funny look Gianna continued to say “You said you are from Amadacia. I thought channeling was outlawed there, as were Aes Sedai. How did you come to the Tower?"




Zeveria did not blame her, hopefully new friend, for the weird look. Someone from Amadacia in the tower, that was an unusual occurrence. Zeveria covered her mouth and lowered her eyes.


“Yes I am from Amadacia. I was born in Andor though.†lifting a strand of her red colored hair. “My father made my mother move when I was young. About six months old actually. I’m not to sure what prompted my father to move us, but he is heavily involved with the children of the light. He is not one of them, but is friends with many, does lots of business with them. He thinks as if he is one of the children. My mother on the other hand does not. She does not like it in Amadacia. I came to a point in my life where I wanted to know that truth about the things my father always told me. I think for myself, that my mother taught me.â€


Zeveria did not want to tell her too much yet. There would be time an other day to share secrets.


‘That is if she because friendly towards Me.’ she thought.


Looking up at Gianna Zeveria asked,


“I knew you were Cairhien, I’ve meet many from your country. I used to work at an Inn serving tables. So why did you come to the Tower?â€

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"The third door on the left, that's what she said." Lashara sighed when she reached the room. It was bad enough that she couldn't get used to the Tower and now she was changing rooms! Lashara didn't have a slightest idea why the Mistress of Novices decided to move her but she hoped it wasn't some kind of a punishment. If it was then they were probably sending her to live alone. It was hard to remember all things you must and mustn't do, so many rules, so many restrictions.


Lashara shook her head and wondered why she was still staying in front of the door insead of entering the room. Such destractive thoughts were chasing the girl all the time and there was no way to get rid of them. Or so she thought.


She pushed the knob lightly and the door opened noiselessly. At first Lashara just stood there, under the doorframe, staring in disbelief. There were two girls in the tiny room, who were probably talking before she came. It was obvious that she interrupted them but at the same time Lashara was sure that this had to be her room. There were three beds, right?


The young Arafelin swallowed her embarrassment and murmured a single "hi", still not moving away from the door.


OOC: Hey :) So, my Lasha is not shy at all but the Tower depressed her. In the beginning Lashara will be really, really quiet, sometimes: distant and cold, but when she gets used to the whole AS world the girl will show her nice, friendly side. Anyway, I'm glad to RP with you ;)

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Guest nephitess

IC: Just as Gianna was going to answer her question the door opened. There stood a girl with a surprised look on her face. The girl in familiar white stood there with her mouth half open. Zeveria smiles and winked at Gianna.


‘She must be new.' She thought.


Wanting to introduce herself, Zeveria stood up and tried to take a step. She could not feel her feet!! Falling over she bumped into the door and it slammed shut in the Novices face.

Laughing with close to hysterics, Zeveria sat up and rubbed her feet, they had fallen asleep from the way she was sitting. Through her laughter Zeveria managed to say...


“Gianna I think you should get the door.â€


It was then she noticed the smirk on her roomies face. It was quite the absurd moment, quite embarrassing actually, but Zeveria just laughed it off. Gianna stood and got he door, she welcomed her in and introduced herself and Zeveria.


OOC: sorry this is not my best. I loathe being sick. *sniffle sniffle* oh and Laurana *point down the forum* are you going to post to the chore? it's called "what a mess"

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Gianna was about to answer Zeveria's query when the door to their room swung inward soundlessly, revealing another Novice on the threshold.


The two women on the beds swung their eyes towards the door in unison, yet different expressions dawned upon their faces. While Zeveria's face broke into a warm and welcoming smile, Gianna's brow furrowed for a moment before mirroring the Amadacian's smile.


Another roommate? Light, but this room is about to be crowded...


Zeveria rose and headed towards the door. Or rather, she tried to. After a couple of steps, it seemed her knees and feet tangled up and Zeveria ended up in a heap upon the floor, her flailing arms slamming the door shut in the new girl's face.


Gianna hid a smile behind her hand and went to Zeveria. While helping her up, Zeveria managed to still her laughter long enough to speak.


"Gianna, I think you should get the door."


Nodding, Gianna went to the door, and pulled it open quickly. The new girl was standing just on the other side, rubbing her nose where the door had hit it. She put on a smile despite still looking a bit irked.


"What a welcome, hmm?" Gianna laughed and put her arm around the girl. She continued to giggle as she led the newcomer into the room.


"It appears Zeveria is not very twinkle-toed at times. But you ARE welcome, here. I am Gianna, and that is Zeveria."


Zeveria had recovered at this point, and jumped in to the conversation. Gianna looked at her with mirth as their questions overlapped each other.


"What is your name?"


"Are you new to the Tower?"





Hehe, Larasha, I think we just railroaded your Novice in high style!

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