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  1. IC: "The third door on the left, that's what she said." Lashara sighed when she reached the room. It was bad enough that she couldn't get used to the Tower and now she was changing rooms! Lashara didn't have a slightest idea why the Mistress of Novices decided to move her but she hoped it wasn't some kind of a punishment. If it was then they were probably sending her to live alone. It was hard to remember all things you must and mustn't do, so many rules, so many restrictions. Lashara shook her head and wondered why she was still staying in front of the door insead of entering the room. Such destractive thoughts were chasing the girl all the time and there was no way to get rid of them. Or so she thought. She pushed the knob lightly and the door opened noiselessly. At first Lashara just stood there, under the doorframe, staring in disbelief. There were two girls in the tiny room, who were probably talking before she came. It was obvious that she interrupted them but at the same time Lashara was sure that this had to be her room. There were three beds, right? The young Arafelin swallowed her embarrassment and murmured a single "hi", still not moving away from the door. OOC: Hey :) So, my Lasha is not shy at all but the Tower depressed her. In the beginning Lashara will be really, really quiet, sometimes: distant and cold, but when she gets used to the whole AS world the girl will show her nice, friendly side. Anyway, I'm glad to RP with you ;)
  2. Most certainly Perrin and Faile. They're so boring when they're together and so annoying when they're separated. I don't find any useful or interesting treat in Perrin's character, he's just a decoration in the books. Faile is strange, to say the least. Usually I like strange, understand different, characters but she's just acting/being stupid. Faile wants to be weak in front of Perrin but at the same time she doesn't let him breath without her permission. :roll:
  3. OOC: Only two?! What has happened? I thought of aspiring the Red but I've been away for too long and I remember no one and I need my head is a total mess of people and events right now. IC: This woman didn't look scary even though she was a Red Sister. In fact she was extremely nice and welcoming, which softened Lashara's nerves a bit. She sat at the place pointed by the elder woman and tried to relax. "Yes, I live...lived near the border. Honestly, it is not that beautiful there, mostly dust and heat," it was hard to talk in past tense, but Lashara knew she had to forget her home and accept the Tower in it's place. "I have a sister, a baby sister, who actually came here with me. Not in the Tower, in Tar Valon, I mean. I haven't seen her in two days and... we've never been separated for so long. We grew up together, we've been at each other's side all life. I...I don't know what I'd do without her." at this moment Lashara suddenly stopped, her eyes huge with realization. Did she just say that? Did she confess her anxiety to a stranger? The girl swallowed and continued her short speech very fast "There is nothing interesting about me. I'm just like all other girls who come here," she shook her head and raised her gaze to meet Maegan's eyes apologetically.
  4. IC: Lashara was sitting on a bench, motionless. Her hands were resting in her lap with fingers playing with each other. Her bells were falling in her eyes but she was feeling too numb to even stretch her hand and tuck them behind her ears. This place was not what she expected it to be. Different to say the least. The young Arafelin closed her eyes and took a deep breath, when all of a sudden a soft voice called her name. "Good Morning. you must be Lashara Zarhien. I am Maegan Ryanne Sedai, a Sister of the Red Ajah. I am to be your mentor. it is a pleasure to meet you." Lashara's eyes opened at once, almost as quickly as her feet jumped to stand up. If she had heard right, this Aes Sedai was going to be her Mentor, so she bowed down to her and with another deep breath intake, she greeted. "Good Morning, Aes Sedai. I'm...," Lashara swallowed her fear and continued with a voice which was growing stronger "glad to meet you, too." A Red Sister. Weren't they the one who were chasing men who could channel? Being too embarrassed, Lashara didn't ask. When she lived in Arafel she though that her knowledge of Aes Sedai was good, not much but enough. And then Lashata arrived at the White Tower and met their real world, a world which made her realized knew nothing. Nothing but fairy tales and lies. Lashara wondered what she was supposed to do next. She didn't want to flood the Aes Sedai with her quiestions from the very beginning, but she didn't want to seem rude for not saying anything else. OOC: Thanks for RPing this with me, Arie! *huggles her mentor* :D
  5. *laughs and hugs Lave back* See ya there ;) Nah, I'm just about to finish my presentation for tomorrow. It's Romeo and Juleit presented with chalga clips, lol! Guess who's Juleit...Gergana!!! And if you see the rest of the characters...can you imagine Azis as the nurse?! 'Kay, we'll talk later or I risk to be killed here *looks around* if someone see how we've tainted Shakespeare’s immortal work.
  6. Hi, dear!!! *snuggles her Lave* How're you doing? Glad you've finally made your way here :D Come see us you know where! Oh come on gals, we all know that the Red Ajah rocks sinks *winks* ! Other that that the Black Ajah is not bad, too.
  7. Welcome, Lord Vile ;) Have fun here and come to visit the White Tower boards!
  8. Laurana


    Ok, which PR division(WT, SG, Aiel?) do you want to join? You have to create a character and write his/her biography, but each one of the divs has certain 'rules' about writing them. You can check them on the sites of the different divisions. If you want to talk about that you can pm me and I'll explain to you everything you don't understand ;)
  9. Laurana


    Hi, Paxam and welcome to Dragonmount! Be sure to go and check the White Tower and Aiel boards ;)
  10. Hi, Dah'mir! You're my minty, you know? *huggles* welcome to DM and the Tower ;)
  11. Why don't you start with Dragonlance Chronicles? They are the first three books and are the original series. The War of souls series is the third one and if you start with it you'll gain a different vision of the series at all ;) Yeah, Daemon you're right, the only fault of DL is that they're too many (at all) now. However the bigger part of them is not Weis&Hickman's so it's normal many of the authors to be banal. I'm talking about the original DL: The Chronicles; The Legends; The Summer Flame&War of Souls I can't talk about War of Souls much since I'm on the first book (still) but I hope it'll be nice :) I've heard that every other Recluse book is written from different PoV which kinda confused me :\ But I love the second one(oh, I forgot to tell that in the BG edition the first two books came out as one, didn't I?) because of all the Angels' story and their falling *loves*
  12. This website: http://www.mercedeslackey.com/ ? I'll try them when I find time, lol, a recommendation from a friend should never been missed ;) When we're talking about recommendations have you read Dragonlance? I always ask this question *laughs*
  13. *is happy* *hugs her souvra'dar and smiles* Is it good? I've heard some things about Lackey but never read her books. The other day I was thinking about Recluce(sp?) and that I should finish the series cause the books are good. I've read the first one but something distrackted me then and it stayed unfinished :\ ...dunno how I started thinking of it...
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