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whats up alll

cluas barbie

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Well hello there!! :D


hope you have some outrageous fun here, fiddlesticks is the fastest way to get to know people. The General's are great places to bring up just about anything you want to discuss.... yeah it's all pretty obvious. Anyway have fun.


And don't forget to vote on the Asmodean thread as to who YOU think killed the most dreaded Forsaken of them all!!! :twisted:

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Hello, Cluas Barbie :)


How are you getting on? If you have any questions either post here or send me a PM and I'll try and help.


Have a great time on Dragonmount 8)


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Heya Clu, welcome to DM. Well, I just wanna say, that its great to see ya, more ppl coming almost every day...this forum is growing so quickly, its awesome.


btw, the Band of the Red Hand Org is the place to be, it's the most fun, and you should get over there ASAP.


*puts an arm around Clu and leads her toward the Band boards*

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