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hmmmmmmmm i think you first should go check out the regiments then start trying too decide if you have already no biggy dont bite my head off lol i joke like that a lot and i know what its like to introduce yourself and it sucks soooo im out BTW im in the archers if you want to run on over there and check them out

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Well hello, I’m Canis I am the head of the Cavalry right now. We rock and are full of Super Awasom people. I agree with the first statement you should visit every one and figure out who you like best.



However, I will state this for the Band as a whole. The Infantry (Cav’s forgive me) need people and would likely be a great place to really make a place for yourself. Not that we would not love you in the Cav’s and I am sure the Archers would welcome you with open arms as well but Krack (leader of the Infantry) is currently alone in the Infantry so (as much as it pains me because I would love to have new people) please consider Infantry first and foremost.



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Welcome to the Band!


The best advice I can give you is to be active. Post as much as you want wherever you have access. It's the quickest way to get to know other members and is an easy way to understand the workings of the Band. It can also be fun. So make new topics about your favorite band or cd, a trip you took that blew your mind, or anything you feel like sharing.


Glad to have you onboard. Enjoy yourself.

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I am Sir Imperium of the Cavalry


I agree that you should have a look around before being hasty with any decisions.


One important note about the band...Never assault a superior officer


*punches Canis in the face before pour cold water over it*


you been out in the sun too much, advertising another regiment and as our leader...


As Drill Sergeant I will think of some punishment Canis for this shocking behaviour...


*turns back to the recruit*


Sorry about that...here have this


*rolls the recruit a barrel of bandy*


Enjoy drinking it, if you need any more just stop by The Yard and we will be happy to get drunk with you!

Edited by Imperium
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