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Approved FREEBOOTER bio: Eltar Cordwyn - CC'ed by Warders


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Character's Name: Eltar Cordwyn


Age: 19


Place of Origin : Andor (Caemlyn)



Weapon Strength assigned: 5



Physical Description: Eltar stands at 6 foot tall, with jet black hair that regularly gets in his blue eyes, but is usually tied back. His long legs give him an advantage in athletic activities, such as running from the Guards. He has enough muscle in his arms to handle a quarterstaff competently, and is capable of holding his own in a fistfight. Arrow scar in left thigh, giving him a limp.



Character History:


Eltar Cordwyn was the son of an innkeeper in Caemlyn. The inn was burnt down when he was only a small boy, with both of his parents in it, which left him in an orphanage. He grew up with no sense of right and wrong, as the orphanage barely fed them (because the head was greedy and wanted to save money) and left them to their own devices. By the time he turned 11, the older orphans decided that he would be a useful asset, and so they enrolled him in their little group to help steal whatever they could, which was mainly food at the time.


By the age of 15, he had a small stash of silver marks hidden under a floorboard at the orphanage, and had become quite skilled at slipping food (and other small items such as cloth) into pockets without the owners noticing. The older boys taught him how to throw a punch, and block punches, and had him spar against their second youngest member, which he beat after receiving a couple of bruised ribs.


The day after Eltar turned 17, the group disbanded, with all but one other member leaving Caemlyn. He drifted around, stealing enough to survive, eventually finding a new group to help, after witnessing guards about to arrest four men robbing a closed store after nightfall. Eltar managed to get the Guards to chase him, but ended up running around Caemlyn for half of the night trying to lose them, which he did eventually because they gave up. A few days after that, one of the men he had rescued from the guards approached him and offered him a position as part of their band. With a new member, they moved up to robbing one wagon merchants, where they used quarterstaffs and knives to overwhelm the odd guard that had been hired. In between robberies, the group managed to pick fights at almost every tavern they visited, in which they expected Eltar to help if things turned ugly for the group, which they usually did.


This lasted almost a year, but ended when Eltar got tailed by the Guards to a robbery and was shot in the thigh with an arrow. His group led the Guards away as a farewell gift, and Eltar managed to limp back to his hired out room above the Wise Woman's shop, and she managed to heal him using her knowledge of herbs. After a few months, the wound was fully healed, leaving only a slight limp and a scar to remind him of it. The Wise Woman had made him stay until the wound was fully healed, and once it was, Eltar ended up stealing provisions to last him a few weeks, and a horse from a nearby stable, and left Caemlyn with no clear intention of where he was going.

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