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Rand, the 'finns, and Callandor


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So I just finished another read-through of ToM and the same thought keeps nagging at me each time. That is, I don't think we've seen the last of the 'finns.


Mat is obsessed with how the 'finns created ties to him, and is certain that they let him go previously because they knew he'd be back and they could finish it then (his story to Thom about the cow and the slaughterhouse).


Well, there were three people that went through the doorway in Tear back in tSR:


- Moiraine, who was trapped in the 'finns realm for the past 30 books (exaggeration)

- Mat, who went back to confront them and almost became snake-fox food.

- Rand...who has not had any further dealings with them.


Ok, so aMoL is coming up and there's not much time left. But if Mat's right about the 'finns and their making ties on the people that come in the doorway, something is yet to come.


My guess is it has something to do with Callandor. We (and Min) suspect that it's flawed in some further way. Min had a viewing of Callandor: a 'black hand holding callandor, like onyx' (paraphrased). And in 'Light of the world', Mat describes the inside of the Tower of having 'onyx walls'. This is the part that jumps at me everytime I read this book. The wording is too coincidental for me.


So I propose there's a flaw with Rand wielding callandor (not a flaw inherent to callandor itself), but because of the ties the 'finns placed on Rand. This flaw will somehow allow the 'finns to take control of callandor for some sinister end. I don't know what that end is, and wanted to get others' thoughts on this entire theory.


Personal theory/hope:

This link through callandor will allow the 'finns to slowly diminish the One Power (over a century or so) similar to what they did to Moiraine. Which is why Aviendha's kids can channel, but the further away we saw her descendants, the OP was not the power that was to be feared. I've always hoped the OP disappeared from use in the world at the end of this series (so it could come again in a future/past age) and this just might be the way!

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The Finns aren't the ones who made it so that Mat visited them twice more nor the reason for Mo's imprisonment. That was the work of the Pattern. The Finns can read the Pattern I believe, to an extent at least, and so they could plan ahead. But that's about it.

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it could tie into my personal theory about callandor, it depends on how the crystal sa'angreal came into being. my theory is that the properties of callandor make it more of a ter'angreal than a sa'angreal. it is the only power enhancing item that we have seen made of crystal, and it has a property, i theorize, that allows the wielder to use thoughts to accomplish goals in battle. hen he first used it as a sa'angreal in the stone of tear, the trollocs were attacking, he focused on the destruction of the shadowspawn and they died, not one human was struck by lightning, he has not ever been able to duplicate the weave. when wielding it against the seanchan lews therin was ranting about killing rands allies, and they started dying. he was wearing the sword when he faced the trolloc hoards in the borderlands in ToM, and they fell. there was a large burst of light at the same time unless i am mistaken. now this seems to involve a bit of T'A'R type magical your wish is my command issues, and rand seems to be in both places at once, T'A'R and the waking world, perrin sees him quite clearly,though rand is nowhere long enough to become a denizen of T'A'R, the way a statue would be if it stayed still long enough. now if the finns were the origin of callandor, they would definately be able to use it against him, and against the OP itself, especially in a place where reality can be warped enough to create a sho wing such as shayol ghul.

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