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3nd stop! – How to raise my Weapon Score!?


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The Weapon Score(=WS) System


As you might have noticed, the ranking system does not revolve around WS. Regardless, your character still has a WS that can increase if you're willing to put in the work.


Upon your bio approval your character starts off with a WS of 4. How do you raise it? With every Role Play that you do that involves the use of a weapon or hand to hand combat you are granted 1 WS point in the weapon you were using. Be it your fists, a sword, an axe, a bow and so on.



Some IMPORTANT clarifications:


1. Credit for the completion of a WS RP:

--Story must be completed and reported on your character's thread on the Progress Report child board. A RP can't count both for WS and RP character development. So keep that in mind and specifically state so if you want it counted towards your character's WS.

--Minimum of 4 posts

--A Post must be at least three paragraphs long.


2. Every WS is specific to a weapon. If you have a WS of 10 with the axe, it doesn't mean you have a WS of 10 with a long sword.


3. You may RP using different weapons. However, you may only have one main weapon that will hold your highest WS. If you take on a secondary weapon it can only rise as high as 3 WS points less than your main weapon WS at any given time. If you take to a third weapon, then that one can go as high as 3 WS points less than your WS in your secondary weapon and so on.


Example: if your main weapon is a long sword and it stands at a WS of 9 currently, then if you take on a bow as a secondary weapon you can only go up to 6. Once you raise your WS in the sword you can raise up your WS in the bow. But always with a 3 WS points difference. This is done to prevent the creation of a super warrior that can use any weapon with a high proficiency.


4. All CotL characters are able to get as high as a WS of 14 in their main weapon. There is a limited number of slots for a WS of 15 and above. You may petition for a slot if you want to get across the 14 WS barrier, along with a detailed description of what RPs you plan to do with the increase in your character's proficiency. The CotL RGL will grant approval pending on availability and at his/her own discretion.

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