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Hello! :)


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Hi, there! I'm Myrenna, and, obviously, I'm new to this forum. I'm a slow reader, and spent about a year reading the Wheel of Time, I only finished last night -- does that make me a new fan or a yearling fan? :) I'm still absolutely gobsmacked by Towers of Midnight, it was just fantastic. I've wanted to join some sort of Wheel of Time community for a while, but I didn't let myself browse WoT stuff on the internet till I had finished the series! So, here I am. Hello! :)

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I'm Lessa and welcome to DM!!!


I'm from the Warders Guild in the White Tower and you should really check it out. I've made alot of good friends over there and it doesn't matter who you are. Don't forget you can also be part of more than one org So come stop by the White Tower and the Warders Guild because they will be happy to meet you :biggrin:

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Hi. Welcome to the party!!! It doesn't matter when you picked up your first book. It just shows your great taste that you kept going. I agree totally that TOM was great. I am holding my breath for book 14. I can't wait to see how all the loose ends get tied up. No details...don't want to be a spoiler but I am really curious how the Aiel and Seanchan issue will be resolved. Good to have you here.

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Welcome to DM! :biggrin:


Enjoy browsing the site and don't hesitate to ask questions!


The "organisations" are basically social groups based on those from the book, and tend to have a theme or two they are based on. For example, the Band of the Red Hand is DM's music, travel and eating out Social Group. Feel free to pop by for some fun as we look at the highlights from the music of 2010, and look forward to 2011.


But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :smile:

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