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Black Tower Antics - 2nd Dream Spike


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So, I think that the second Dream Spike is being used to cut off the Black Tower so that the men inside can all be forcibly turned to the Shadow.


Late in the book - in the chapter Something Wrong - there is a discussion between the men loyal to Logain. They discuss a man formally loyal to Logain now hanging around with Taim. The following is said:


"It's not really Mezar. Oh, it has Mezar's face, right enough. But its not him. I can see it in his eyes. Trouble is, whatever the thing is, it has Mezar's memories. Talks right like him. But the smile is wrong. All wrong."


We know there is a way to forcibly turn channelers to the Shadow, involving 13 channelers channeling through 13 Fades into the target (mentioned in an early book. TGH, I think).


This is what I think is being done currently at the Black Tower. The Dream Spike - and Taim's new guard towers with no one allowed to enter and leave - is being used to close all the male channelers inside. One by one they're being forcibly turned to the Shadow.



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