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WoT Favorites: Blademasters

Which is your favorite character  

89 members have voted

  1. 1. Which is your favorite character

    • Ishamael/Moridin
    • Mat
    • Moiraine
    • Berelain
    • King Aemon
    • Lan al'Mandragoran
    • Damer Flinn
    • Loial
    • Rand
    • Tam al'Thor

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I'm with Tam as well.


It was a toss-up between him and Lan. Both display incredible humility, which masters of any fighting art will tell you is tantamount to reaching the pinacle.


So I guess it was Tam's statement 'I paid entirely too much. Two coppers is too much for one of these' that put me over the top for him.

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Sorry Ozzy for me it's got to be Lan.I appreciate the whole humility and bitter experience schtick but -largely as a consequence of the amount of attention devoted to him over the books,Lan for me is the more well rounded and real character.Besides I like his whole "wedded to death" man who fights the shadow even though his nation has been destroyed persona way more than Tam's "retired but still got it" angle.

Hey, any guy who has the respect& admiration of the ENTIRE Aiel Nation(who surely can recognise an outstanding warrior-even among those despised for using a sword)surely must take precedence over a farmer from the Two Rivers!

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Without a doubt, there is no one in Randland whose skill with the blade even comes close to matching al`Lan Mandragoran.

The entire Aiel nation, as well as every warder out there gives Lan the kind of respect and honor that clearly indicates the admiration for the best blademaster, and the best Warder out there.

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I would like to point out that most Aiel have a grudging respect for Borderlanders. There are a efew references throughout how effective Shienarans were against the Aiel (see Masema's hatred TGH). Lan is also the last of the Malkieri, the true borderlanders sworn to defend the Blight. Im not disagreeing per se, but much of Lans legend was sown before he even became know personally.

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I have to agree with rd2000 and Ozhammer. The aiel (we aiel, hehe) respect his heritage and REALLY respect that he won't quit fighting or trying to avenge his nation even when he has NO hope of succeding (the chances has, of course risen since the beginning with the Last Battle growing nearer but still). There is much ji in that one. But that's DESPITE him using a sword (no matter how good). The aiel respect more than just being a good fighter, after all (the LEAST ji in combat is earned by killing an enemy, any fool can kill or be killed)...


Moric of the Singing Wind sept of the Miagoma aiel

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Those are all good & valid points, which I do agree with, however, on the subject of being a blademaster, lets consider this.

The Aiel are well known for being the best fighters, generally speaking. Yet, al`Lan Mandragoran is one of the few wetlanders whom can, and is able, to defeat more than a couple Aiel in melee combat at once.

Also, look at every time that Lan has interacted with any other Warder. Remember, the warders are among the best trained swordsmen in all of the wetlands, right? Every time Lan interacts with other warders, they always treat him with the highest respect, and even defer to him. I believe that a large reason for this is that he is the best blademasters of all of the warders.

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