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  1. That is the general consensus. They must have been pretty old podcasts - pre-KOD - cause it's pretty much been confirmed now that Rand and Moridin are merging because of the balefire streams. Moridin is feeling the same sickness as Rand is.
  2. Over a year ago, I started a 10 part poll series to determine who was the favorite characters in Wheel of Time, the categories ranged from your favorite Asha'man and Aes'Sedai to your favorite Forsaken. Once all 10 polls were completed I fell off the face of the earth due to work and real life constraints. I figure, better late than never, and will finish off the poll series with this finale. Note: Rand and Tam gain entrance because Lan and Mat won multiple polls. I will also allow voters to vote two times (hehe, think I forgot to check that, can I change it now?). To recap the re
  3. Bashere was there when he almost went nuts against the Seanchan and when he almost went nuts fighting the trollocs in KoD. He's Semirhage bait.
  4. If an Aes Sedai turned into an asha'man, would this require special surgery or would they become asha'woman? What if a hermaphrodite was born able to sense the source, could he/she draw on both powers? I sense a hermaphrodite uprising soon, once we rediscover how to touch the power they will have no need for the rest of us. As for the original question, I think the Asha'man are going to merge with the Aes Sedai.
  5. 100,000 trollocs were just sent through the ways in KoD. It is still definitely a viable path, for the time being.
  6. So you believe Rahvin's plan was to place himself in Andor, then when T'G comes along he disappears, goes through the dubious task of destroying the world but completely bypassing Andor so that afterwards he would have military backing to reign as Nae'blis? So, if all went according to plan, Illian, Cairhien, Andor, and Tear would be off limits to the shadowspawn so that their forsaken rulers could rule the world afterwards?
  7. I don't think so. Im just praying that Cadsuane dies at Semirhage's hands, we know that the old hag is due to pay the piper.
  8. Talmanes brought 3 banners of horse and four thousand crossbowmen with him when he found Mat, and left three banners of horse and five banners of foot (KoD, Attending Elaida). Each banner of horse is 1500, and each banner of foot is 3000 (BWB). 9000 cavalry and 19000 infantry, plus their masonry banner. As for Andor, 200,000 is what they could field if they got every soldier. There are quite a few losses in the battle of Caemlyn, recruitment into other armies (Band of the Redhand, did Bryne ever recruit in Andor?), and Rahvin dispursed the old Queen's guard and its unlikely to make a fu
  9. As to where Demandred is, I agree with everyone here. He is either with the Borderlanders or in Murandy. I side with the Borderlanders cause they are much more important to both Rand, and to Demandred considering he is the general for the Dark One, and will presumably be in major command of the Trolloc army pouring through the Blight into the Borderlands. Murandy doesnt have any importance to him in that battle. Two very large possibilities earlier in the books have been somewhat put to bed with KoD. Both the Prophet and the Whitecloaks have seen their capabilities severely weakened
  10. No one really knows how many troops Murandy has. I think that Luckers overestimates the 100,000 figure though. The Band of the Red Hand has 30000 troops, and Murandy had to unite to appear a threat to them (so much so that the Band left) which places their numbers at above 30000. If there were 100,000 troops in the country, it doesnt seem likely to me that 30000 troops would cause such a huge threat to unite the entire country. Two or three of the more powerful nobles would be able to provide the defense necessary, well against a normal army not the Band of the Red Hand. Of course i
  11. I just want to clarify something. You believe the Seanchan are going to attack the White Tower and the Dark One is using this attack as a means to keep two of their enemies preoccupied against each other while they launch their campaign against other regions. Some later point in time, when the DO wishes, they will start their attack against the White Tower, or perhaps just pass it by and force them to either sit in the tower being useless or leave the Tower to fight them on a different battlefield, one where they arent attempting to breach a fortress. Correct me if I am wrong, I proba
  12. A large part of the Shadow's planning has been to create a division in the White Tower. While splitting the White Tower into two has prevented the Aes Sedai from preparing for T'G, it's presumably essential for an attack against the White Tower as well. We see this in KoD during the Forsaken meeting when Aran'gar and Mesaana are arguing over whether the tower will stay divided for their plans to come to fruition. With a Seanchan attack against the White Tower, the Rebel Aes Sedai will have no choice but to unite with the White Tower to repel this attack. 5 or 6 books of Forsaken work to
  13. If she is BA why is she trying to justify the form of compulsion she uses using word games to bypass the oaths, not discussing it with with another AS, but in a PoV, where no one but her and us knows what she is thinking. Verin is good. Verin is going to help Mat. Verin good. Verin bring horn to Mat. Mat blow Horn. Horn help Rand. Rand win last battle. Verin very verin good.
  14. also, if Tuon was channeling Mat may have felt something in his medallion. Is it only if someone is channeling against him or if someone is channeling nearby?
  15. Rand and Aviendah should be able to repopulate Illian and parts of Cairhien in fairly short order as well.
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