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  1. It's not necessarily a very stupid plan. Probing attacks of this magnitude is stupid and wrong when you care about the people dying just to see how well prepared your enemy is and how strong he has become. But if your a darkfriend, or better yet: a Forsaken, and we're talking of forces of trollocs and myrdraal (which seem to be as close to limitless that we're going to come), then it's another thing all together. Then it's smart. Very, very evil and a little wasteful. But still kinda smart. Why Demandred (if he is the general behind the attack) hasn't pulled anything like this before and why he would defy Moridins orders like this. Well, I don't really know. But we have no REAL proof that Mazrim Taim is anything more than a darkfriend (and that is a bit sketchy at best. :mrgreen: ). And it has to BE a FS. Noone else could have access to THAT many shadowspawn at once. Myself: I think i would go for Demandred. It fits quite well with him being so good a general, I think. Moric of the Singing Wind sept of the Miagoma aiel
  2. Yeah... That's right... I got a little confused. As I said: Time to reread tEotW Moric
  3. Hunh... I must be remembering tEotW poorly... I thought they torched other places where boys of Rand al'Thor's age lived... But maybe the myrdraal's inspection (more than just the Car'a'carn, Matrim Cauthon and Perrin Aybara saw "the Black Rider") gave the conclussion that they were just ordinary peasants and all other houses just caught fire from the forge and the house of Matrim Cauthon's family. I'm unsure... Need to reread... ;) Moric of the Singing Wind sept of the Miagoma aiel
  4. Heh... Since I don't really know that much about contemporary american history: I like Animalcrakers last two posts. And I'd like to add two things: First: the men of the WoT isn't much better. At all. Their views of women is quite similiar to the women's (womens'? how do you put the S in the end of a word with that kind of plural form?) anyway: especially the idea that the opposite sex gossips and that they haven't even a whole brain between them. Second: Um... And guys... Just like women talk about men (according to Animalcrakers at least ): come on... We're not exactly fair or nice all the time we talk about women. With that in mind I have NO doubt about the truth of Animalcrakers statement. ;) I think I had a point there. But it evaporated when I had a call from the midwives that take care of my "woman" (they keep calling her that, and oddly speak as both she and _I_ were pregnant)... Got a little confused... Moric of the Singing Wind sept of the Miagoma aiel
  5. maybe there just weren't any males of that age living there? There is no mentioning of a brother to Egwene al'Vere at all, no matter the age, if I remember things correctly. It is very obvious that the myrdraal leading the attack knew exactly where the boys who possibly were the Dragon Reborn lived. Moric of the Singing Wind sept of the Miagoma aiel
  6. About every-day-use ter'angreals. If I'm not mistaken there is some passages in "the World of": The Aes Sedai of the time had researched and constructed different ter'angreal to make all sorts of "Age of Legends"-things (vehicles, for example) these are not ter'angreal by themselves but created by, and partially using, the OP. An example in the 3rd age would be the ter'angreal in Tar Valon that makes the fancloth for the Warders' cloaks. Moric of the Singing Wind sept of the Miagoma Aiel
  7. No, I don't think so. First of: it still perfectly possible that he just encouraged Damer Flinn and maybe gave him just some basic hints. Second: He wouldn't be ABLE to give more than that. Healing Severing was thought IMPOSSIBLE even in the AoL, for the Lights sake. Third: Even if Dashiva did (maybe because he was afraid of being Severed himself). Why would he wan't to keep Rand al'Thor alive? All of the Forsaken except Moridin (who is the only one more or less completely loyal to the Dark One) looks after their own interests. That include being named Nae'blis (Demandred didn't give up even after Moridin was raised to Nae'blis-hood). We all now that the Car'a'carn had been promised/tempted with just that if he went over to the Dark Side. All of them was forbidden to kill Rand al'Thor but if they tricked another FS into doing the deed they'd take out TWO rivals for Nae'blis (the Car'a'carn AND the poor sod killing him). We have seen both PoVs AND plots leading to just that. So if they all want to have someone else kill the Dragon Reborn, why give him more weapons to fight back? This is why I think Dashiva did nothing more than at most encourage. At most. Moric of the Singing Wind sept of the Miagoma aiel
  8. I agree fully with the point about severly disabled persons not surviving without people to look after them (and maybe even not then). That was the point I tried to make. And Ozhammer> Yes there are a couple of references to lesbians (a certain windfinder and a wetlander noblewoman Cadsuane Melaidhrin took into custody, for example). But, so far, I've found no reference to MALE homosexuality. Kinda makes you wonder, no? :mrgreen: Moric of the Singing Wind sept of the Miagoma aiel
  9. I have to agree with rd2000 and Ozhammer. The aiel (we aiel, hehe) respect his heritage and REALLY respect that he won't quit fighting or trying to avenge his nation even when he has NO hope of succeding (the chances has, of course risen since the beginning with the Last Battle growing nearer but still). There is much ji in that one. But that's DESPITE him using a sword (no matter how good). The aiel respect more than just being a good fighter, after all (the LEAST ji in combat is earned by killing an enemy, any fool can kill or be killed)... Moric of the Singing Wind sept of the Miagoma aiel
  10. I don't think we lack compassion. I'd rather say that most here felt a great sadness about the Amayar. But it wasn't that big a surprise because we didn't really know that much about them. Hence mourning, not gasping. Of course there are certainly some shadowrunners here who didn't even bat an eyelid over the death of a people. But that's not enough do condemn the rest of us, is it. :mrgreen: Moric of the Singing Wind sept of the Miagoma aiel
  11. Ilyena's got a point when she refers to the golden veins. Those symbolize True Love, if I've understood it correctly. Which puts an end to Dark Justice's idea of it being only lust and need. But he still have a kind of a point about WHY the Car'a'carn met them all. That's probably ta'veren work, yes. Moric of the Singing Wind sept of the Miagoma aiel
  12. Ayup... I agree fully and whole-heartedly. M
  13. "POSSIBLY also a couple of clan-leaders"?! *Shoots Dark Justice an ugly look.* You better watch yourself wetlander. And, besides: it's called clan-CHIEF.. (((*grins broadly. couldn't resist))) Moric of the Singing Wind sept of the Miagoma aiel
  14. Of course Sorilea is worthy or respect. She is a VERY strong woman, on of the strongest among the Wise Ones and that is saying a lot. But remember Loial defending children and women of the Stone of Tear, Loial going with Gaul to close the Waygate of Manetheren; battling trollocs at the Battle of Emond's Field; Loial and Elder Haman going into battle with trollocs in KoD, etc. STILL he's a gentle soul with a love for books and writing, not battle. He's just one noone wants to anger. ;) He is one of the greatest characters in the books and when he finally is possible to vote for, what else to do? Moric of the Singing Wind sept of the Miagoma aiel
  15. That sounds more like what I remember, yes... Good point Cwestervelt. Moric
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