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Approved Warders Bio for Miter Peakle-- CC'd by Freelanders


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Name: Miter Peakle


Age: 17


Nationality: Andoran/Cairhienin


Hair: Long brown


Eyes: Blue


Height: 5,6


Weight: 140




Miter Peakle is the son of an Andoran nobleman, Tharer, who was High

Seat of House Peakle. House Peakle no longer exists and Miter is the

last in that line. His mother, Eriarane, was Cairhienin. She was ill

for most of her life and died when Miter was five years old. Tharer

was a greedy old miser but it is to his credit that he moved to

Cairhien to support Eriarane's distraught family. Thus it was that

Miter was raised in a small house in the city of the rising sun. His

father sold his estates and kept all the money spending little.

Tharer died when Miter was nine and his wealth passed onto Eriarane's

brother Polre for safekeeping until such a time as Miter could inherit

it. Polre used the money to found a business which traded in jewellery

for the wealthy. Miter accompanied his uncle on his errands throughout

the day. In this way he learned the arts of mercantile and also had

some experience in the Game of Houses, a result of Polre's dealings

with nobility. Miter did not recieve a formal education as his miser

father was unwilling to pay for schooling. He has had some training in

the use of cudgels from the merchant guards that accompanied them on

their travels. He is adept at using daggers and small knives because

his grandfather on his mother's side had been an assasin for one of the

Houses before he had been crippled from a fall off a building during a mission.

As Miter aged he began going on trading expeditions without his uncle

and because of his cunning and natural business skills he became known

in some quarters as the Fox. It was on a trip to Tar Valon that

Miter first encountered Warders. He was instantly impressed by their

deadly grace and a desire was born in him to train under those mighty

warriors. He dismissed these thoughts and began the journey back to

Cairhien. He did not realise that the Pattern was furiously weaving

his destiny.

Upon his return, Miter was astonished to find that his aged

grandmother had been busy while he was away. She had found for him a

suitor called Asriella. After his initial shock, Miter decided that it

might not be such a bad idea to settle down a little. He had recently

begun flirting with the various girls he met on his travels but he

resigned himself to the fact that his grandmother would not rest until

she had found his match. He began courting Asriella but it was not

long before it came out that she was a Wilder and she was hurried off

to the Tower. Miter followed shortly afterward but when he reached Tar

Valon he learned that Asriella had already run away. Rather than

returning to Cairhien, Miter resolved to become a Warder as he had

dreamed and applied for training.

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Question: what is this player's DM Handle?


interesting past this one has. Will he find his runaway bride again? Among the kin perhaps? ;)


Consider it CC'd.


The noble line will be marked down as 'past nobility'. Please take that in to account when RP'ing.



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Nope, we've done away with the old trainee/mentor system to allow for more flexibility for everyone. Your first post is your intro thread, and the details of that can be found here. Scroll down a little, and it will explain everything you need to know.

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