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Vacancy: Freelanders Assistant Group Leader


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The AGL is the second in command of the Group. It is a PSW staff position which grants access to the PSW staff boards as well as obtaining moderation rights on all Group boards.


The duties of an AGL can vary depending on the need of a Group but the general duty of an AGL is to be the back-up, back-bone and support system for the Group Leader.

In other words: it’s the AGL’s job to make the GL look good. *grins*


FL AGL job description


I’m looking for someone who will work with me in tandem. Who can and will uphold the values of the Group, support and implement the decisions taken and balance the well being of both Group and members with that of the PSW as a whole. Someone I can be assured of that will keep matters in hand should I not be there for whatever reason. And someone that has a sense of responsibility to do their job without needing to be prompted every two steps of the way. In short: Someone I can rely on.


What specific duties will be assigned to the FL AGL will be determined along the and as such we’ll determine the contents of your job together, depending on both our strengths and interests. You will need to be flexible and willing to jump in on every aspect of the Group workings though. If not as a full part of your job then in a supervising capacity or back-up.


The AGL will have a thorough and in-depth knowledge of the information on the FL Website, in order to be able to perform their duty as mentor and guide to all FL members.


Some things that may be expected:

  • Be the eyes & ears for the GL
  • Bio (cross) checking (if the biochecker is unavailable)
  • rp plotting
  • organising/leading/overseeing major rp activities
  • updating and maintaining the Group website (wiki and/or others)
  • record keeping both on the boards as on googledocs or other applications
  • assist in the monthly reporting to the RP Staff
  • minor staff management
  • moderating disputes
  • participating in PSW staff discussions
  • mentoring both Group staff and members where needed
  • administration tasks of all sorts
  • be willing to act as a trainer in the various Guilds when necessary.



Important note: applicants must have (or must be willing to create) a FL character to rp with. You must also have (or be willing to get) a google account in order to be able to access the various documents and accounts related to this position and to have regular chats with me on FL business.







Applications should be sent to FLDiv@dragonmount.com by 31 December 2010.


A first selection will be done on the written application followed by an interview with those applicants that made it through the first selection.

Interviews will be held in the first week of January on msn, skype or googlechat. Should neither of these be possible, another alternative will be looked for.

Application form


DM Handle:


How much time can you dedicate weekly to this job?

RP experience on DM: (how long? Any rp staff experience? Etc)

Staff experience that might be relevant to this position: (in general, not necessarily within an RP setting)

Why do you want to be the FL AGL?

What would you bring to the Group as a whole and to this position specifically?

Any particular skills or talents:

Comments: (anything else you want to add to your application that could be important for the position)

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