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Approved Warders Bio for Icandar Tostig - CCd by WK


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DM Handle: Toy and Minion


Character Name: Icandar Tostig (Icar)


Age: 20


Place of Origin: Tar Valon (Outskirts)


Hair Color: Black


Eye Color: Brown


Height: 5’10


Weight: 174 lbs.


Brief History:


Having a father not only a soldier, but a captain of the Tower Guard in Tar Valon, did not make for an easy life. Living outside the city didn’t help either. Nor did having a father who would rather not leave the city just to visit his only son. Despite all this, however, Icandar kept a firm love for his father, a man his mother often said “had changed”. After all, a boy only had one father.


Of course, things got a lot worse after his father turned his weapon on his fellow Guardsmen and almost killed an Aes Sedai before her Warder had stopped him. No, his family did not have an easy time after that. With no husband to bring home money, Icandars mother was forced to work herself to exhaustion every day. She said she worked as a seamstress, but Icandar never saw any pricks on her fingers or any other sign of such work.


But life went on, and soon, Icandar reached his sixteenth nameday and found a job as a stable boy. It was dirty work, and often looked upon with scorn and pity. But Icandar found the labor strangely self-satisfying, and he had always enjoyed being around horses. Customers seemed to always assume that stable boys needed a little more money. It was true enough, but Icandar received enough handouts in his first week that his family didn’t need to worry about food for a time.


And so, luck seemed to look in their favor. For four years, it did. And then Icandars mother was found dead in the streets of Tar Valon, the only weapon found, a small knife used to chop vegetables or fruits. And before Icandar could recover from this tragedy, his little sister was taken by the Aes Sedai for Tower training.


Icandar did not like this turn of events. Something was wrong and the whole city seemed darker. He decided that he needed to get his sister out of Tar Valon, they would leave together and never return. Only problem was that they would never relinquish her. He needed access. Some way into the Tower.


He would become a Tower Guard. It was his only chance to save what was left of his family. He only prayed to the Light that they would not remember his father.

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