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Guest Castiel

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Guest Castiel

Truth be told I don't normally bother with these things but I suppose its only polite that I make my recent arrival known. Who knows might help me meet people for writing and such. I am Castiel, a writing enthusiast who has been practicing the art for well on ten years or more. Of course length of study and practice does not always mean someone has any talent but I'll let people form their own opinions when I actually do make a character and start writing.


I've actually read most of the Wheel of Time series but that was years ago and I've only just started rereading the Eye of the World. Since I stumbled upon this forum where people were writing I thought what the hell I might as well try it out. Its been a while since I've been a part of a forum community but I know how tings roll so you shouldn't have to worry about me breaking rules or anything. I'm thinking a warder character will be fun so I'll be considering stuff for that I'm sure.

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Welcome to DM Castiel. I'm Lessa and I like your siggy alot :biggrin:


I'm from the Warders Guild in the White Tower and you should really check it out. I've made alot of good friends over there and it doesn't matter who you are. Don't forget you can also be part of more than one org So come stop by the White Tower and the Warders Guild because they will be happy to meet you :biggrin:

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