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Theories on Taim and Moridin connection


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First let me say that I have not yet read TOM, so if you have, please do not respond with ANYTHING inspired by or based on what you've read in TOM. I do not want any spoilers in this, and I believe this board does not allow TOM spoilers anyway, so please don't respond with info from TOM.


Now, that being said. I posted something about this in another thread, but figured I should give it its own thread so as not to hijack someone else's.


I think Taim and Moridin are related somehow. RJ made it too clear that Ishamael/Moridin's colors are red and black, and then in the Epilogue to KofD (I think) Taim's hideout is described "The palace might have belonged to any noble with a taste for ... red-and-black..."


Now, whether or not Taim and Moridin are one and the same, or pretending to be, I am not guessing. But, Taim at least works for Moridin, and is in close contact with him, I think. That's my opinion.



So. Any theories as to what the connection is, if any, between Taim and Moridin?

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