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Giant Stedding


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So here is an absolutely crazy theory.

What if to seal the DO up properly Rand has to somehow find a way of turning the world into a giant stedding?

Can the True Power by channeled in a Stedding? I would think not and the TP is the essence of the DO, what if creating a stedding will negate some/all of the DO's power on the world?

There are a couple of things which could play a part in "healing" the bore and/or creating the super-stedding:

*Ogiers Singing

*The Tinker's song

*Ta'veren pattern altering powers

*The book of translation perhaps?



Just an idle thought, there will probably be a hundred reasons this theory is wrong :P as usual.

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Ogiers Singing


Ogier Treesinging is merely a Talent which allows Ogier to create objects out of wood by singing to it.


The Tinker's song


Read this.


Ta'veren pattern altering powers


It is not a force that can be manipulated. Being ta'veren just means the Wheel weaves the Pattern in a web around you. Chance tends to be bent to its limit under those circumstances and the person at the center of the web tends to have their lives dictated to a certain extent by the Wheel.


The book of translation perhaps?


The Book of Translation is merely a device of sorts which can move the Ogier race between worlds. It is how the Ogier came to Rand land and it is how they will leave.

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