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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't Rand need to be there for the heroes to act if Mat blew the horn? Or was that specfic to Rand proclaiming himself at Falme?
  2. It felt to me like the Talmanes POV was more like Mat than the Mat POV we seen in Chapter 11....
  3. Anyone else feel like the Talmanes POV sounded more like Mat than the Mat POV we see in Chapter 11?
  4. So we know Fain is unique (sorry don't have quote but RJ confirmed it). How was the Bore sealed in previous turnings? Could a unique evil opposed to the DO have been present in all previous turnings, that kinda means Fain isn't really unique? I guess it's possible if the pattern has spun out something to be used (such as Fain) in previous turnings..... If Fain is used as a buffer between the DO and the OP how was said taint cleaned from the previous ages if their wasn't something unique like Fain? I definately don't think Fain will ever replace the DO as some crazy(in a nice way) people think but he may be used in sealing the Bore only if sealing the Bore is different in every turning....
  5. If Brigette has been pulled out of the partern why can Min read her still?....
  6. I reckon that Rand will drop Callandor and the Pokemon Onyx will pick up the sword...... that is also the blank in the blight. "There's a Pokemon in the Blight and no one knows about it"
  7. Elayne/Gawyn and Morgase Thom and Morgase Edit: to clarify, not important to TG but definately want to see Morgase finding out Elayne is preg with Rand's babies..... and Gawyn finding out too.
  8. I've always wondered what would happen if a weave was used to seal the bore that was large enough to use both halves of the One Power then was tied off........
  9. I've always considered the song to be merely finding their way back to the singing in the Age of Legend in general not a specific song.... I think the Tinkers believe there is a song but it's merely a misconception stemmed from the Aiel POV which Rand seen in Rhuidean where the first Tinkers went to re-find the singing from the AoL
  10. Yeah RJ said Fain was unique to this age.... I guess the only way to break the cycle would be to use something which is outside the pattern, does Fain qualify for this? No idea. Should be interesting.
  11. 'To Live you Must Pie' - Some of Marin's delicous cooking 'I win again Lews Therin' - DO wins 'Bela Seals the Bore' - Bela wins 'Foursome' - Everyone wins
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