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  1. Since no one responded to you, and there's a chance you're being serious: no. Pillow friends are not just best friends. They are women in the Tower who sleep with one another for comfort or any other reason. And by "sleep with one another" I mean "sex."
  2. Which is where the brainwashing comes in. The sul'dam need only brainwash the damane into considering anyone who the sul'dam orders dead as an immediate threat. I don't believe anyone has suggested the sul'dam can ever get rid of the Oaths on the Aes Sedai they capture. We've merely been discussing methods those Oaths may be circumvented.
  3. Yep. Which is why I said that they would have to be convinced (through brainwashing) that everyone a sul'dam even says is a threat is actually a threat.
  4. And why would that satisfy the requirement of "giving up half the light of the world to save the world?"
  5. If, in your example, Romanda thought of it the way you did, then yes, she would be capable of "lying." You already seem to understand that the truth the Aes Sedai are bound to is the truth as they see it. If Romanda could convince herself that Roma is a separate persona and doesn't know anything, then yes, she would not be lying by saying she doesn't know. However, keep in mind that this would require Romanda to separate the persona of Roma from the persona of Romanda. It would essentially require a split personality. Since a name is not inherently an identity, when someone refers to Romanda as Roma, it is generally understood by all parties that Roma refers to the person who self-identifies as Romanda. The only way your trick would work is if Romanda could disassociate her identity as Romanda from her identity as Roma. Which is probably outside of normal human ability. So while technically what you say is possible, it's also quite improbable. To respond to Evoke: The Third Oath would also be easy to break if the sul'dam handlers simply knew how the Oath worked. All you would need to do is convince the Aes Sedai damane that their life is in immediate danger from anything the sul'dam wants destroyed. Which, I think, is a hell of a lot more reasonable than what is required to break the First Oath.
  6. I've always just figured it was a Talent. Like Perrin being a Wolfbrother, Elayne being able to make ter'angreal, Egwene being good with Earth, Nynaeve being good with Healing, and Aviendha being able to tell what a ter'angreal does, etc. There are lots of Talents, and there's no reason his luck can't be one. While the SL connection is certainly possible, it just doesn't make sense on any level (and Fain doesn't have Mat's supreme luck that we're aware of) besides a chronological connection. Mat's luck begins to ramp up around the same time that Perrin's Talent begins to show through.
  7. Hmm...you know. You just may be right. I'm going to be over here kicking myself in the face for forgetting that.
  8. I see that a lot of the problems in communication here comes from the use of the term "the Bore." When I said "the Bore is the geographical point..." I was referring to the cave in the mountain of Shayol Ghul which is typically referred to as "the Bore" by the Light and Shadow-alike. I was not referring to the hole in the Dark One's prison. When I said, "...the only place you can feel the Bore," I was referring to the hole in the Dark One's prison, which, as you said, is everywhere (which I also said as well, actually). The same problem I have in communicating just which Bore I'm talking about (the place in Shayol Ghul or the actual hole in the Dark One's prison) is also evident in the quotes you provided from RJ. You can even see at one point, when asked what the Bore is, that he was originally going to define it as the geographical location. Of course, that same quote does give me pause, I do admit. You are also right that I did leap from "might be" to "must be." Mea culpa.
  9. It was the original purpose of the binders. It was a way to prevent channelers from using the Power to harm people. Semirhage went to the Shadow because she had a choice of either stopping her experiments on people and subject herself to the binder to never be allowed to experiment again or turn to the Shadow.
  10. I do love me some technicalities.
  11. There's a bit more to the Foretelling than just those three. "Beware the fox that makes the ravens fly, for he will marry you and carry you away. Beware the man who remembers Hawkwing's face, for he will marry you and set you free. Beware the man of the red hand, for him you will marry and none other." He kidnapped her, and then set her free. The setting her free bit was the completion of the Foretelling.
  12. Logic? The Bore is located at a geographical point in space where the Pattern seems to be the thinnest. It is located there because that is the only place you can feel the Bore. As such, the Dark One's prison must have been a consequence of the discovery of this "thin" part of the Pattern, through which Mierin Eronaile and Beidomon could sense a power which did not seem to be divided into male and female halves. If the thinness in the Pattern didn't exist prior to the drilling of the Bore, then Mierin and Beidomon would not have been able to sense the Dark One's prison. Was it ever explicitly stated? No.
  13. The thinning was a preexisting effect in the Pattern, not a result of the Dark One's influence upon release. That's how Mierin and Beidomon found what would become the Bore in the first place. Which I'm still trying to square that away with the fact that Sharom is where they drilled the hole, is where they discovered the Prison, but doesn't seem to be where Shayol Ghul (and by proxy what became known as the Bore) is geographically located.
  14. Fair enough. Obviously the leashed Aes Sedai are ones that are not to be trusted, and obviously the a'dam was meant to make Paendrag trust the Aes Sedai acting as sul'dam as Deain certainly meant to make more a'dam after showing the tool to Luthair. So, effectively, it was a method to get Paendrag to trust the Aes Sedai. Just because some Aes Sedai, those to be leashed according to whatever plan Deain had in mind, were not to be trusted doesn't mean her goal wasn't to also get Luthair to trust the Aes Sedai that she wanted him to trust. It was just unfortunate for her that he decided to not trust any of them since he had labeled them all Darkfriends. So...yeah...
  15. Thanks for the correction. And that means she can't have done it for both reasons because...?
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