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[DR PSW RP] NEW - The Choedan Kal Award

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The Choedan Kal are the two most powerful sa'angreal ever made. Created during the War of Power, one can only be used by a man and the other only by a woman. The male statue is currently being uncovered close to the village of Tremonsien, near Cairhien whilst the female statue is half-buried on the Sea Folk Isle of Tremalking. In order to wield the One Power through the giant statues, the channelers must use Keys in the form of two smaller access ter'angreal.


Lanfear claimed that a man and woman using the Choedan Kal together could challenge the Dark One, and maybe the Creator himself. That statement has obviously not been validated but it supports the notion that the Choedan Kal are indeed the most powerful tool in Randland, and no doubt a valuable asset for the Last Battle.


As such, to honour the talented community of role players here at Dragonmount, who write within the realms of our own Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World, we have chosen this powerful and distinguished symbol as a mark of excellence in the field of role playing. We are very pleased to announce the introduction of THE CHOEDAN KAL AWARD.


Every month the RP Group Leaders will present the RP Admins with the most prominent role play threads they have read. We encourage all DM members who would like a particular thread to be considered, to make a submission. Rules for doing so are outlined below. Having reviewed the proposed threads, the Admins will choose a winner for the month and its participants will be awarded the Choedan Kal signature. They will also be acknowledged on the News section of Dragonmount along with a link to the thread and a warm recommendation that everyone reads it.


Just remember - We challenge ourselves and that makes us mighty. You too can use the Choedan Kal. It's all a matter of finding the right Key.


Rules For Submitting A Role Play Thread


- PSW Members/Staff should PM or email a thread link to their respective RGLs for consideration

- General DM Members/Staff should PM or email a thread link directly to either of the RP Admins (Tay[at]dragonmount.com and owen.glendawr[at]gmail.com)

- Please put "Choedan Kal Submission + Month" in the title of the PM/email

- All links should be submitted by the 31st of October 2010

- The winner will be announced on the 5th November 2010





i) May I submit a thread in which I'm actively writing?


Yes, you can indeed. It doesn't matter whether it's your own thread, a thread written by friends, a solo RP or an Inter Group RP. As long as the RP is of good quality and you believe it's worthy of recognition, feel free to submit it.

ii) Does my submission have to be from my own RP Group?


No. Although we'd expect PSW Members to be more familiar with the role plays in their own RP Group, you can all submit any RP that catches your eye and impresses you.


iii) Will this be awarded every month?


That's the intention. However, this is entirely dependant on the quality of the submissions in a given month to protect the integrity of the Award.

iv) Are the Revolution One RPs included in this?


No. RPs on the Rev One board do not always deal with WoT material and follow far less stringent rules. The threads submitted must be from the PSW role playing boards. These are readable by all DM members and can be found in the bottom section of the Forums Index page.

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It is our pleasure to announce the winners of our very first Choedan Kal Award for October 2010.


We had several excellent submissions for last month so it wasn't an easy choice but in the end our "Men In Black" from the BT stole the show with their superb writing and that sense of humour that's quite unique to them. So without further ado, we give you.....



Welcome to the Stage of History



Congratulations to Arath Faringal, Grimm, Corlock Striker and 706Somtaaw!! :biggrin:


We strongly encourage you all to read the story HERE.



For our winners, here are your fantastic sigs made for you by Nynaeve:












Congratulations guys. Great job and keep up the good work! :laugh:



(For everyone else, submissions are now being accepted for November and must be received by 30th November 2010. Rules are as above.)



Owen & Tay

RP Admins

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