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Impressive Bosom

New Idea for the BUT...

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“She tested me, Verin Sedai, but she couldn’t be sure that any of my dreams foretold the future.”

“That is only part of what a Dreamer does, child. Perhaps the least part. Anaiya believes in bringing girls

along too slowly, in my opinion. Look here.” With one finger, Verin drew a number of parallel lines across the

area she had cleared, lines clear in dust atop the old beeswax. “Let these represent worlds that might exist if

different choices had been made, if major turning points in the Pattern had gone another way.”

“The worlds reached by the Portal Stones,” Egwene said, to show she had listened to Verin’s lectures on

the journey from Toman Head. What could this possibly have to do with whether or not she was a Dreamer?

“Very good. But the Pattern may be even more complex than that, child. The Wheel weaves our lives to

make the Pattern of an Age, but the Ages themselves are woven into the Age Lace, the Great Pattern. Who can

know if this is even the tenth part of the weaving, though? Some in the Age of Legends apparently believe that

there were still other worlds - even harder to reach than the worlds of the Portal Stones, if that can be believed -

lying like this.” She drew more lines, cross-hatching the first set. For a moment she stared at them. “The warp

and the woof of the weave. Perhaps the Wheel of Time weaves a still greater Pattern from worlds.”

Straightening, she dusted her hands. “Well, that is neither here nor there. In all of these worlds, whatever their

other variations, a few things are constant. One is that the Dark One is imprisoned in all of them.”

In spite of herself, Egwene stepped closer to peer at the lines Verin had drawn. “In all of them? How can

that be? Are you saying there is a Father of Lies for each world?” The thought of so many Dark Ones made her


“No, child. There is one Creator, who exists everywhere at once for all of these worlds. In the same way,

there is only one Dark One, who also exists in all of these worlds at once. If he is freed from the prison the

Creator made in one world, he is freed on all. So long as he is kept prisoner in one, he remains imprisoned on


“That does not seem to make sense,” Egwene protested.

“Paradox, child. The Dark One is the embodiment of paradox and chaos, the destroyer of reason and

logic, the breaker of balance, the unmaker of order.”

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I think - and I could be wrong in this - that Rand's world is the 'true' world in the sense that it's the world where the Bore was drilled, so its the world where the Bore was sealed and therefor its the world where the DO is trying to break free. From our world his touch can and has spilled into some or all of the other mirror worlds, twisting them in whatever ways might be appropriate for those worlds. In this vein I'm interpretting the concept that 'if he wins in one world he wins in all worlds' as 'if he wins in this world he will win in all the others'.


May well not be the BUT, as shown by the timing of various revelations, but I'm feeling pretty good about my prediction that Trollocs and other Shadowspawn will be brought into Randland via Portal Stones and account for the overwhelming force they are able to bring to bear. That it's a Portal Stone in the Blight that no one knows about conflicts with my stronger belief that its actually a city no one knows about in the Blight is fine, since that part doesn't have to be true for the theory to bear out.


I pretty much agree with all that. BTW i just wanted to say, "Impressive Bosom", that screen name makes me chuckle. :berelain:

That's kind of ironic because me 'chuckling' makes the screen name. ;)


Seriously, after reading the words from RJ for the 1,000th time I glanced down and thought 'hey - that could be me!' and a screen name was born.

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