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Where are the posts I've made after Aug10?


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Hi all.

You should be able to find the old boards (DM7), including all posts made after August 10th, HERE.


If you have something important over there, please move it here. DM7 will stay up for at least a week, but that's not a whole lot of time.

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That page doesn't load, and about:blank comes up in the address bar. Just me?

No, not just you. I made the initial post according to what I've been told, but it seems it will take some time to get it working. I'll update this post once it's up.


BTW You can't receive PMs. I guess your box is full :)




EDIT: Okay all. I'm locking this thread until I have a working link for you. Until then, feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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