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Where are the Aiel ?


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I would like ask you of the absence of most of the clans since the LoC.

In this book a lot of the spears (unclear which clans) went south for the invasion of Illian. In ACoS four clans whent north to meet the Shaido (Miagoma was one, the rest I dont know). The Goshien stayed in Camelyn until KoD and went with the Goshien to Arad Doman where they still are as far I as can tell.


Where are all of the other clans ?


In Tear, Illian, Cairien ?


In ToM I would like to see some sort of reunion of the clans to one place, I think it strange that the clans hasn´t been mentioned more in the last books, when the Aiel (in my opinion) is the best military ally Rand has, he should have used them mutch more in the last book. In the ToM I would like to see mutch more of the clans, the chiefs of clans and how Rand intends to use them in the last battle.


What do you think ?




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