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  1. Hello Jason, You wrote that the wordcount in the next book will be 450 000. Is this right ? Mr Sanderson has in his twitter said that the book will include 365 000 words. Ronneby
  2. Hello, The chance for a split is unfortunately not so big anymore. On Mr Sandersons twitter the following coluld be read; Will #AMoL actually be the last book? or do you think you will split it up again? Are you thinking of 2012 release? To this Mr Sanderson answered; It will not be split. I'm pretty certain. 2012 for sure. I am still very nervous about this. I have no problem with one book if AMoL is very very big and contains all the major events and plotlines with a good writing. I think its very important that Mr Sanderson, then writing the AMoL, don´t feel obligated to finish it all in only bone book and therefore has to do a lot of forced writing. He should have a free rein and write the ending as detailed and as complicated as he wants and if this means one or two books, that is not important to me. I have been following Wot for 18 years and I don´t want this relation to end with a book with a forced writing and contain abrupt endings to the many plotlines and scenes which must happen i AmoL. In another words; I dont want a Terry Goodkind endings to WoT !!! Ronneby
  3. Hello again, After have reading your answers and perceptions on the issue of another split, you must conclude that its a rather delicate issue with a lots of opinions. To make it a little more interesting I have today written a email to Mr Sanderson with the following question; "Hello Mr Sanderson, I wrote to you in febuary/march this year about the possibility to split AMoL in two books. I quite understand that you don´t have the time to answer my question. I still have a lots of concerns about this issue becuase I´m afraid that the writing must be very forced to be able to fit in almost all of the plotlines and major events in only one book. This time I just wonder about how you feel right now, then you have written 34 % of AMoL. Does this in your opinion correspond to a third of the reminder of the story or do you feel what you havent come so far yet ? Best regards P. Rigling" As I recall the precondition was a book of 300 000 words there one procent corresponds to 1000 words. I dont expect an answer to my mail but I think it would be thery interesting to know if Mr Sanderson feels that he now have concluded roughly one third of the reminder of WOT storyline or that 100 000 words are not enough to reach so far in to the reminder of the story. Ronneby
  4. So you would rather have a book with forced writing and abrupt ending to the many plotlines and events instead of two books where mr Sanderson will have the possibility to write as he wants instead of have to compromise and shortfasten his writing ? I have problem to understand that kind of wiew, especially when you like I have been reading the series under decades. Ronneby
  5. Hello, I am aware that this topic has been diskussed earlier but I would like to her your opinion becuase I`m very worried that the writing in last book will be very forced for mr Sanderson to be able to conclude the series in only one more book. I estimate that it is upp to 30-35 plots and more or less inportant "events" that will and must happen for the series to finish of in a great way. Many of these can´t be solved in only one or two chapters for it to be a good and satisfactory reading. I am therefore worried that mr Sanderson must force and cut his writing for be able to put it all in one book. In my opinion mr Sanderson has done a very good jobb in the last two books and I am confident that he would be able to write a outstanding finish to Wot, but I am not convinced that he will be able to do that in one book. I have been a wot reader since 1993 and I will be greatly dissapointed if the plots and events in the last book will be shortened and in forced writing only becuase that all must be fitted in one book. I have some memory that Harriet att one point during a interview has said that it´s not impossible that the last book will be divided in two. I can only hope that if mr Sanderson finds it impossible to finish the series in his normally outstanding writing in one book, that he seriously consider the possiblility to divide the book in two instead of cut the plots and events for be able to finish in one book. That are your thoughts ? Ronneby
  6. Hello Luckers I would like to start a therad about the Seanchan/Fortuna and their roll in MoL. I would also like to diskuss the contradictory prophecies about Rand and the Seanchan ( "he shall bind the nine moons to serve him" and that Rand must kneel before the Crystal Throne before the Last Battle. Ronneby
  7. Do you think there are a connection about the "murderer openly ruled in seandar" + the greatships with sails painted blood in chapter one and the redveiled man with sharpened teeth in the epilogue ?
  8. I agree, doesn´t it also imply that Rand is wrong about breaking the seals at this point becuase it´s one step to the fulfillment of this prophecy ?
  9. You misunderstand me. Of course it was very important for both Matt, Thom and Moraine. Moraine probably has som new very important information to share to Rand from the Aelfin/Eelfin(about the seals mabye). My disappointment was more in the area that I always predicted that this unnoticed thing should have some more longlasting effect even in the last book. Now we know that the big unnoticed thing was very important but only for a very specific situation and after that nothing more. After all the discussion under a very long time, regardless that it was critical important, I must confess that I after all feel some disappointment about this thing. Ronneby
  10. +1 Excellent deduction! Hello, Who do you think the "one eyed fool" and "first among vermin" is. if the one eyed fool is Mat (rather obvious) so who shall he morn, Fortuna ? Hard to see that when bouth of them is rather "safe" to live through the LB. Who is "first among vermin", Becuase it is a prophecy from the dark side it must Rand. If that is the case, do "lift his hand to bring freedom to Him who will Destoy", indicate that this prophecy demand that Rand shall break the remaining seals and that Perrin is at risk if Rand do actuelly break the seals ? Ronneby
  11. So do you think its so easy ? The big unnoticed thing that so many of us have wondered and speculated that it could be. It´s "only" the inscription on Mat spear. For me that would be the biggest disappointment so far in the series. Ronneby
  12. Sorry for that Luckers, I missed it. Do you think it possible to start a new thread about this in the spoilers forum becuase I think it´s many who are rather confused about the big unnoticed thing i ToM ? Ronneby
  13. Hello, Just finished ToM, wow what a fantastic book !!! The first 400 pages a little slow but the last part was in my mind the best part so far in the series. But I must confess, I (who had followed the wheel of time since 1993 and read the series at least 10 times) still do not know that the big unnoticed thing was. Was it Perrins discoveries of the wolfdream or Mats spear ? I really dont know. Can someone help me ? Ronneby
  14. Hello, I have some questions about the delegation to the black tower from the rebell aes sedai fraction. In Kod they decided to send a delegation but I am almost certain that they cancelled that after Merise and Jahar did announce the offer of bonding 47 ashis. Late in TGS (s 705), it was stated that a delegation has been sent to the BT, including Faolain an Theodrin among some other. Have I missed something in my reading or should you just understand that they did send a delegation anyway ? Do you think that we will get some answers to this question in ToM ? Ronneby
  15. Hello, This post went wrong, should be here instead of "General discussion". I would like ask you of the absence of most of the clans since the LoC. In this book a lot of the spears (unclear which clans) went south for the invasion of Illian. In ACoS four clans whent north to meet the Shaido (Miagoma was one, the rest I dont know). The Goshien stayed in Camelyn until KoD and went with the Goshien to Arad Doman where they still are as far I as can tell. Where are all of the other clans ? In Tear, Illian, Cairien ? In ToM I would like to see some sort of reunion of the clans to one place, I think it strange that the clans hasn´t been mentioned more in the last books, when the Aiel (in my opinion) is the best military ally Rand has, he should have used them mutch more in the last book. In the ToM I would like to see mutch more of the clans, the chiefs of clans and how Rand intends to use them in the last battle. What do you think ? Ronneby
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