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Rands transformation

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Can an evil man be courageous? The word is usually used when talking about an ally or friend. I don't think I have ever heard someone call another they thought were truly evil a courageous person.


Evil is a subjective term.



But the word courageous or brave is used to describe actions, not people. A good example would be no historian would ever "not" call Hitler brave, considering his outstanding WW1 service record. Doesn't mean they appreciate him as a person though.


My point was that many people are calling Ishamael a coward and I was wondering if this is based heavily on the fact that they disagree with his way of life.


Courage and bravery may apply to actions and not people, however our view of that persons actions are biased based on the person and the way we see them. Its not really brave for me to go for me to drive a friend to the airport so he can make a flight on time, but you might call it brave if I had developed a terrible fear of driving cars but did it anyway to help him out.


I think we need some quality time inside his head so we can understand him some more and see if he is just nuts.



Tough to say how crazy he is. At one point back in his prime and in his original lifetime he was known "as the voice of reason," in his age. It's why his defection caused such uproar among other things. Reason tends to be at odds with insanity.


But then again who knows what excessive use of the TP can cause to the psyche. Or how far his lucid state is returned with a clean slate (new body aka Moridin).


But he started using the TP after he joined the DO, and certainly not just after. So he needed time to get really affected by it. Which means that it didn't influence his decisipn first, back there in the Hall of Servant. He probably get all crazy after the Sealong, or at least during the War of Power.


And remember that when Moghedien see Moridin first, he already has the saa. So he already channeled the TP extensively.


And yes, Moridin is humane. He has 2 legs and arms, a tongue, eyes, ears, mouth, toes, finger and the rest (including massive nalls, according to some ;D). And I said he was courageous, but not in the fact that he willingly choose to pick the bad side and fighr alongside the DO, in contrary to Rand or LTT who never gave up. But he is brave to defy LTT at the gate of Paaren Disen, although he isn't a general. And all other stuffs, as following Rand and fighting him no less than 3 times for the moment, and probably more than that.


But I continue to say he is a coward not to fight the DO and trying to reseal him, or contain him or whatever he could have done to help the Light.

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