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A reminder for those still upset with Tor


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If you do not intend to steal the next book, to keep your hard earned cash out of Tor's greedy hands... then now is the time to be getting down to your local public library and be requesting this book.

Most libraries maintain a monthly/quarterly buying schedule, and if the book is from a popular series...they will most likely get it without delay. And if you are the first to request it, you will also be first to read it.

I have done this with the last 3 books. The first two because I couldn't afford the book at the time, and "TGS" because I refused to give Tor what I consider to be blood money. With both of the last two books, I had them in my hand and was reading them just 2 days after the books were released.

Free and perfectly legal.




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Is this because of the 3 way split?


First off, it wasnt Tor's decision, it was Harriets and Brandons.


Secondly, if, after reading tGS, you still thought that the split was a scam for money, obviously you are not a fan of the series.


The split was necessary.

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Alright, let's not have this argument again.


Thank you for the advice. I'm sure if there's anyone else planning to read it from the library, they appreciate the reminder to get on the list now.

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