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Rand in Tel'aran'rhiod

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So, in the Lord of Chaos, when Rand spies on Egwene and company in TAR (and discovers the location of Salidar), is he there in the flesh, or did he dream himself accidentally into TAR and was aware of it being real in some way?  He was obviously there for longer than a few seconds, so I don't think he dreamed himself into TAR as some sort of ta'veren pull, as he himself muses.  It seems like he ended up there accidentally, but not in the way that the other normal dreamers do (the ones who show up for a second, and then flicker out).  He is able to channel as well.  I know that he has the ability to go to TAR in the flesh (chasing Ishamael), but I don't remember him doing it on a regular basis.  I guess I could just use a little clarification about how Rand was in TAR in that particular scene. 

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