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Hey there fellow addicts!


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I was introduced to WoT in 1999 by an old roomate.  I zoomed through 6 books in about two months whilst working full time physical labor.  Many a night i passed out with my finger on the next page ready to devour the world that Jim created for us all.  It is truly magical. 


Since then I can't count the number of times of read the series and cant even begin to comprehend how many times I've listened to the audio books.  Kate Reading and Michael Kramer's voices are like the voices of old friends to me, as are the characters in the books. 


I think I've introduced at least 20 people to the books over the last 10 years, some of which are very stubborn non-readers or realistic fiction readers.  All have thanked me and said WoT is one of the best they've ever read. 


I've never really thought of joining an online forum community up until just recently.  I don't quite know why.  Maybe it's time constraints, maybe it's laziness.  But after reading some of the posts here and seeing the dedication some of you put into this site I think I can spare at least some time to stop by and say hi.  ^_^  After all, you all are like me in one way or another.  Ever wake up from a dream where you were the hero in the wot universe?  Ever think, "Hey if i found a magical genie lamp, I'd wish to be part of RandLand"?

I certainly have. 


I thank jim for this and am eagerly awaiting the next book! 

Thanks for having me and may the light shine on this website!!  :O 

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Hello there and welcome to DM, Chriswot  :D


That was a lovely post to read, I must say. I'm also not one who ever thought of joining any kind of online site, but then one day I was looking for information on the next book, saw a link to DM, and here I am ... almost 4 years later  :D


How much of DM have you explored?

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Not a lot to be honest.  Pictures mostly and news sections involving the REE stuff...  (Really hope they don't mess things up too terribly)  <_<  Been working a bunch so no time really.  


I must say there are some seriously talented artists posting work on this site.  Seamass blew me away with about 85% of his pictures.  He hit the nail on the head with all of the forsaken.  Rand however needs a bit more cuendillar in his expression.  Perrin, Matt, Avihenda are all just as i picture them when reading/listening.  I could go on. 


Not to shake off the efforts of the rest of the artists who've posted pictures on wot.  They are all wonderful imo.  I might be able to manage a stick man rand. >_<

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Greetings Chriswot and welcome to Dragonmount!


I've only just started reading the series and I'm also listening to the audio books on my long drive to work. I make sure not to listen to more than where I'm up to with reading, but it's awfully tempting not to fly ahead with the audio books.


I hope to see you around some more.

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