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Games Workshop Wheel of Time Miniatures?


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So I was at my local Games Workshop store yesterday and an idea came to me, wouldn't it be cool if games workshop decided to produce WOT miniatures and create a strategy game like they do with LOTR and Warhammer?


Do you guys think they might do it as Red Eagle Entertainment want to produce a movie based on the series and the Lord of the Rings is getting kinda old. Also I think there are so many possibilities for a Wheel of Time miniature strategy game eg:


In the LOTR miniatures game you get the Mines of Moria set which comes with the Fellowship and a bunch of Goblins to start you off. I think if they made a Wheel of Time minis game they could have the starter pack called Winternight and have the main characters, Rand, Egwene, Nyn, Thom, Fain, Moiraine, Lan, Mat, Perrin and Tam fighting a bunch of Trollocs and Myrrdraal? (I know that's not totally loyal to TEOTW because Rand was off at his farm with Tam when the attack happened) Also they could create Narg and make him a hero class. :)


SO do you guys think this is possible? Because games workshop created the LOTR minis after the movie was released?


Also sorry I didn't know which category to place this question in as I'm  newbie.

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Its definetly possible.


I was into Warhammer alot when I was younger and made a pseudo Wheel of time Shadow army based on existing models that I just tweaked and altered slightly. Trollocs were beastmen, Fades were Vampire Counts, Dragkhar were Gargoyles, etc etc. Then of course there was the standard looking stuff like darkfriends and Black Ajah. Even made stats for most of the creatures and the Forsaken to. Fun times.


Would be awesome if Games Workshop did do something like that.

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That would be pretty cool. If you interested in it, why don't you email Games Workshop and suggest it? If they get enough interest, they might do it. ASOIAF has figures, and so does Mistborn. I'm not sure who makes them though.

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