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Could gateways be used like in the game Portal?


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In the video game Portal (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal_%28video_game%29), you can do some crazy things using physics and portals. For example, you can put a portal on the floor that is connected to one on the ceiling. Then when you jump through the floor you will fall over and over from ceiling to floor, faster and faster (until you reach terminal velocity of course). Or you can do other things like placing a portal so that you can throw something through it and it will pop out around the corner to hit something you couldn't get to otherwise.


My question is this: could gateways be used the same way? Could you make a gateway in the floor to the ceiling of the same room? Could you make a gateway whose exit is very close to its entrance, in the same room even? It would be really cool to see some creative uses of gateways like this - you could use a tiny one to let people shoot arrows around a corner, or have the arrows fly out at your enemies from behind.

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