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WoT Book Repackaging


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In light of the new cover for the e-book version of Winter's Heart, I was wondering if they are planning to repackage the entire Wheel of Time book series in real life.

They have a different artist working on each book. Perhaps the publishers will choose the one with the most positive feedback to redraw all the book covers. Add a little consistency to the book covers that I find lacking in the originals and the e-books. A little eye-candy for the fans.


Honestly, if they did that, I wouldn't mind, so long as they don't split up the book into two parts again. I was already planning to buy an extra set anyways, since my original set has gotten damaged from reading.

I hope I'm not the only one who thinks the covers on the original needs changing.


Your thoughts?

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I swear, Daryl K. Sweet (the artist on the original US books) must have some dirt on Tom Doherty or something, because I think they should've got other artists to do the covers a long time ago.


As for inconsistency in the ebook covers; I like that each ebook cover has its own unique artist and style.  It gives the world of the Wheel of Time more depth to me.  I don't mind them being inconsistent with each other, as long as they all continue to look as good as these ebook covers have looked.


It would be cool, however, if one artist did all of them; but I would love to go out right now and buy every single one (in paperback) with the new ebook covers on them.


I think they are planning on re-releasing all of the books with the new covers after they are all published.  But I'm not totally sure if they'll be using the ebook covers, or something else.

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