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Here I Am! Bow to Me!


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Nah! Just kidding.


I'm John. Relatively new to WoT. I heard about it in September from a friend of mine. I don't know how I overlooked it before since I am an avid reader and LOVE fantasy. And I have to say that Robert Jordan (RIP) has become my favorite fantasy author over the last several months. I went through the books rather more slowly than I do most. Probably because the world Jordan portrays is so much more intricate and in depth than anything else I've read recently. I found myself rereading chapters just to make sure I had everything right. Haha! Anyway, I finished reading TGS about a month and a half ago. As soon as I finish the current teen-ish series I'm reading (vampire books are a guilty pleasure of mine) I'm going to start on a re-read. October can't come soon enough!

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Hmm... I've done a bit (emphasis on 'bit') more lurking since I posted this here last. Quite a quirky cast of regulars here. Maybe I'll fit in. The only other forum I post on with any regularity is on a fansite for a cult classic movie that is a favorite of mine. Its a very small group of regularly posting members and we're not a very kosher group as the movie the site is dedicated to is rather violent with excessive cursing. As I'm sure the moderators here strive to maintain a more family friendly atmosphere I'll have to work hard to suppress my ingrained instinct for attacking stupidity rather harshly and my propensity for innuendo. After reading Bela's response to my initial post several comments regarding bowing occurred to me that were highly inappropriate. Anyway, I think I may enjoy it here.

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Hey Johthohar. Welcome to DM.


Oh you have already met Bela. Dont mind her, she's a bit crazy lol.


I'm Dahmir, Yellow Brother and Sitter of the Yellow Ajah. Also i am the head chef there for the Sunflower Cafe, so please make sure that you stop by the Yellow Ajah in the WT.


*hands Johthohar lemonade and a piece of lemon meringue pie*


Hope you enjoy and have tons of fun.  ;D

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