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Hey there.  I am totally new to this forum.  Infact, this is the first non-gamer forum I have ever signed up for.  Ever.  Yup.  I like to play my games & read my books like a true geek. 


  Seriously though, I am a big time reader of ALL genras including; fiction, history, phillosophy, science, mystery, true crime, science fiction, and, most of all, fantasy.  I even worked at Barnes & Noble for three years I love reading so much.


  Now, my whole point is, Wheel of Time is my all time favorite series by far.  Currently, I am almost finished with book five.  I have been reading them a lot slower recently because of life (stupid life).  But I have no doubt I'll read them all as soon as my busy schedule lets me.


  I don't know why I didn't sign up for this site sooner as, obviously, I'm a huge fan.


  See ya 'round the forums!

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