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  1. There was a similar topic on a movie fan site, but I wanna' know what the Dragon Mount folks think. You guys are the REAL fans. So, are you excited, nervous, angry or what? What are your opinions? I am very excited but a little scared too. I just hope they don't pull any punches in the budget department. This movie has to be epic. Casting is going to be important too. Who would play a good Mat or Parrin? Or Rand for that matter?
  2. Wow. Thank you guys so much for all your input. Even with all the constructive critisism, I feel there is a general hat tip, by all, to Sanderson. Personaly, I am just not very critical of details. If the main story is good and the writing isn't too distracting, I think I'll probably love it. Just the fact that the hardcore fans are taking this new author with even a small amount of praise says a lot. A whole lot actually. When I first posted this topic I truly was expecting rabbid hatred of the new book. I can say, now, that my worries have been satiated.
  3. Oh yeeeesss! That I great to hear. I am sooooo excited now. All my worry just melted away. It's not that I'm a big critic of...well of anything, I just really love these books. I'm glad to hear the fans are happy. That's what matters to me. I'm sure I'll love the story part because that's all RJ. Now I don't have to worry about the "style" part.
  4. I'm almost done with book five. I can't wait to read them all. However, I am a little worried about a new auther and everything. I know the Jordan vision of the story will be in tact, but I'm wondering about Sanderson's style. I never read the Myst Born books or anything so, what I wanna' know is, does Sanderson emulate Jordan well? Does he even try to? Or does he just use his own style? I guess I'm just wondering if anyone can give me some spoiler free opinions & comments on Sandersons continuation of the greatest fantasy series ever written.
  5. Krono


    Hey there. I am totally new to this forum. Infact, this is the first non-gamer forum I have ever signed up for. Ever. Yup. I like to play my games & read my books like a true geek. Seriously though, I am a big time reader of ALL genras including; fiction, history, phillosophy, science, mystery, true crime, science fiction, and, most of all, fantasy. I even worked at Barnes & Noble for three years I love reading so much. Now, my whole point is, Wheel of Time is my all time favorite series by far. Currently, I am almost finished with book five. I have been readin
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