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I have revised my dream cast for a Eye of the World movie.

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Heres my list


Rand; OK I'm serpareing Rand from the rest of the list for one Reason.  I can't figure out who to put.  In the looks department, I would have to say Kyle Lowder.  However, I have not seen any of hs work and I can't say he would definately be a good Rand.





Mat; Tom Wisdom

Perrin; Andy Whitlield

Elyas; David Wenham

Egwene; Emma Watson

Nynaeve; Natalie Portman

Moiraine; Lena Headey

Lan; Hugh Jackman

Thom; Ian Mckellen or Christopher Lee

Padan Fain; David Thewlis


Morgase; Nicole Kidman

Gawyne; Orlando Bloom

Gareth Bryne; David Sutherland

Elaida; N/A

Galad; Joaquin Pheonix

Tam; Jeremy Irons

Aram; Jai Courtney

Min; Erin Cummings

Bayle Domon; John Rhys-Davies


Ishmael; Christian Bale (He can be used for Moridin as well since he is masked as ishmael and you never see his face.)

Lanfear; Angelina Jolie







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