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Did Lews Therin Ever Touch The True Power

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I do agree that it is unlikely, but with there being a black and a white side of the seals and there being no female Aes Sedai there at the time to help make them the only thing i can think of is that they were made with both The One Power & The True Power.
The only thing you can think of? Seriously? Not just that there is some way to make black heartstone with the OP?
*Kneecaps Mr Ares*....I did that for your own good. To remind you of the satisfaction.
I harly need reminding of the pleasure that can be drawn from my favourtie from of torture. I will leave you to dwell on that, while I waterboard you for the next three weeks.
Doesn't work on me...
Give it time. I'll just leave you in peace. Well, I say peace, I'll put some music on for you. Well, I say music, what I mean is Miley Cyrus.
Now that is just too far. There's torture and there's.....Whatever Miley Cyrus is supposed to be. Can't you just kneecap me? Please?
They all break in the end. *Kneecaps Asha'man Kovan* Now I shall replace Miley Cyrus with some Deep Purple. You've suffered enough, after all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jp3de50_d8
Ohhh...Thank you. I can't feel my legs but it's distracting from the pain that was in my ears..And brain.
If you keep up the good behaviour, I'll play you some
as well.
I've never heard of him. But that Piano solo at the beginning was pretty cool. I should ask though; What constitutes "Good behavior"?? Sounds sort of ominous...
You only discover what the rules are when you transgress them.
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