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Hello to all WOT Fans!


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Hi all,

I am so glad to have found this forum. I've been reading the WOT since the second book came out and have been following the series ever since. I've enjoyed this forum for the past week and have decided to join in with all of you. I want to express my thanks for the moderators great work. Early this morning I came on to read some post and an mentaly unhealthy individual posted some obscene posts. Many of them. Great work at having them deleted to quickly. Am looking forward to happy reading on this forum.

bye for now



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Welcome! I love how many newbies we are getting! I hope that you enjoy posting with all of our insanity. Feel free to ask any questions you might have on here, or even shoot me a PM sometime, I am always willing to help out.


The mods around here are defenitly wonderful, and we love them lots. Sometimes they are busy and it is up to us to see the spammers (the bad kind ;)), so if you do see it feel free to let the admins know in the "Ask the Staff" board.


Other than that, just be sure to enjoy yourself! ^_^

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Welcome to DM!


We mods do cover most time zones, so we can get most unsavoury looking things on these boards before too much damage is done! :)


Enjoy browsing the site, and don't hesitate to ask questions should you get lost or confused. We will do our best to help you out and point you  in the right direction. :)

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