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Just signed up, though I seem to remember having some connection to Dragonmount years in the past (as in, 2006 or '7): certainly I've lurked here before, most recently when I realized that The Gathering Storm was out and decided I didn't particularly care about spoilers (we got it for Christmas).


Started reading the series years ago (I think 2002 or '3). My sister and mother also read it. The only other WoT communities I've been involved with in the past were wotmania and a group of WoT fans on GameFAQs (only we had to move house to an abandoned board when we kept getting modded on the board for the old Wheel of Time computer game). I've always leaned more on the observant side than the participatory in fandoms, I suppose.

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Welcome Quoro!

(That is weird to pronounce btw  :D)


Welcome (back?) to DM!


Enjoy the site. :)




Yeah, it's a bit of a weird name: it's been "bastardized", if you will, from Elvish. I named a character "Quorothorn" (approximately means "suffocating eagle" if I remember aright) a couple years back and took a fancy to the name.

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