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Chapter 39 Promises to Keep of CoS


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This may sound rather too vague a question. But if anyone knows, please tell me. The chapter starts with Mat trying to convince Aes Sedai and Sea Folk windfinders that they need to leave Ebou Dar early. And after all the show, when they get ready to leave, Mat finds Olver missing. So he informs the others and asks them to leave while he would catch up with them later. Now here is the paragraph I have question about: "As he was turning to go, Nynaeve caught his sleeve. "Remember the storm, Mat. It's going to break

soon; I know it. You take care of yourself, Mat Cauthon. Do you hear me? Tylin has directions for the farm, when you get back with Olver."


Nodding, he made his escape, the dice in his head like echoes of his running boots. Was it during the

search that he was supposed to take care of himself, or while getting the directions from Tylin? Nynaeve and her Listening to the Wind. Did she think a little rain was going to melt him? Come to think, once they used the Bowl of the Winds, it would rain again. It seemed years since rain last fell. Something tugged at his thoughts, something about the weather, and Elayne, which made no sense, but he shrugged it off. One thing at a time, and the one thing right now was Olver."


So what is it that tugged at Mat's thoughts about weather and Elayne? Can't be something related to Bowl of Winds changing weather, too obvious to be just tugging at thought. Seems like some memory being jogged. But I can't remember. Anyone knows what this is all about?

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