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Good Morning!!!


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Howdy all! Aemon Kristen here. Just to introduce my self, let me say that I'm 38 years old and contrary to what those nasty rumors Messana has been spreading, I am a man. I've been readin WoT for at least 15 years and I've done countless re-reads. I'm American but I've been living in Mexico for the last 11 years. I met my wife down here and on Christmas Eve we celebrated our 10th anniversary. I have a 4 year old son who is inexplicably obsessed with the Harry Potter movies (go figure). One other thing I should mention, I LOVE to roleplay and write stories. I used to be a very active member of the Draconian Empire (don't know if anyone remembers that one) and loved all the friends and fun we had. I guess I'm just looking for that kind of thing again. I've been lurking on the boards for awhile now and I just gotta say it..You guys are more fun than a bucket of slime on a slippery surface!!  ;D

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Welcome to DM!


I've been on that slippery slope for nearly 6 years now! ;)


Anyway, enjoy your time at the site and hope you have a lot of fun here. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions should you get lost or confused at any stage - we will do our best to help you. :)

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