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New to Dragonmount


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Hi all,


I'm Ryan. I go by OHurley on virtually every blog I post on, so I thought this one should be no different :) I've been a fan of the WoT since probably 1996. I participated in several old RPing guilds back when AOL chatrooms were in vogue. I actually helped run The Brotherhood of Shayol Ghul where I RPed Sammael for a couple years. Anyway, I love these books. Read them all several times and continue getting more and more out of them. I have several different theories as to what's going to happen, and I'm glad I found this place to share and discuss them.



Ryan (OHurley)

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Welcome to DM!


You could of course cast aside your misled ways of the past and join the Light! ;) But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :)

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