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  1. I believe Rhoedran is actually *fighting* the Seanchan, though. If they were allied, why kill perfectly good troops? This would go against everything the Seanchan stand for, them being the picture of effiency and all. Also, I don't think Rhoedran qualifies as much of a "powerful new ally/king". He's pretty anemic. Personally,I think Demandred is either in the Borderlands or Shara. I certainly have no qualms about attributing the chaos down south to him, but I think his base of operations has to be either Saldaea, Kandor, Arafel, or Shara. No way Agelmar would get caught up with Demandred (he's got a magical arming cap +5 that wards against mental attacks... lol) and the Shienarans CERTAINLY wouldn't follow along with something that seemed to contrary to their sense of duty protecting against the Blight. We haven't heard much about Kandor and Arafel except that they exist, and we know only little more about Saldaea. Very very possible that Demmy is hiding out in one of these places. I'd totally prefer Shara, though. It would be pretty damn cool to see an army of that magnitude come outta nowhere. If hostile to Rand, it would just make his inevitable victory that much more glorious.
  2. Tom- I've often wondered this, myself. My own theory on it is that Moiraine (who we all know is an evil genius when it comes to cleverly out-manipulating others) actually used the Finn's game of wishes and such to kill Lanfear. It's also possible that Lanfear tried to channel too much and that/the Finns killed her for it. Remember- no channeling in Finnland.
  3. Well, AS been wonderin' how the hell Rand al'Thor has done half the crap he's done, so I wouldn't be too worried about him being found out. Also- in regards to Rand using the TP, does HE even know he used it??
  4. Addendum- "Her OWN Ajah" meaning the Brown, not the Black.
  5. Luckers- LoL, m8! When ya put it like that... ;) Also, on the subject of Verin, why the hell couldn't she deduce Messi's (no, not Lionel Messi...) identity? We (and I use "we" loosely) pretty much agree that Mesaana is almost certainly Danelle. How is it that Verin, an apparent master of deduction, couldn't discover the Chosen hiding in her OWN Ajah? That's the one thing that bugs me lol...
  6. I think that the Dark One is actually a big green floating face controlled by Bran al'Vere who's standing behind a curtain. At the conclusion of TG, Rand will click his heals together 3 times and wake up back in the Two Rivers. Bashere, Moridin, and Logain will be his uncles. Or maybe Bela is the Creator and has just been sittin' back watching the whole time ready to unveil the depths of exactly what's been happening. As far as "killing the DO", I don't think this is possible. My guess is that DO and Creator are actually synonymous. Kinda the whole Trimurti thing. DO is the Shiva aspect of God, the Creator is the Vishnu aspect and yada yada. I don't think they're separable.
  7. Random question- Are the two rods that we know about (or is it three that we've encountered so far.. I know there's a black one.) Are the rods what used to be known as the "Nine Rods of Dominion" which only the AS who wore the Ring of Tamyrlin could summon?
  8. What an interesting little mess this is, trying to figure out what Demandred is up to... I think I'm gonna have to go with the theory that when he uses a proxy, he basically takes over their personality, kinda like demonic possession. That alone explains why LTT when balistic about killing Demandred when he saw Taim. Still where's his flat, like? Nobody can figure out where he's livin', and I'm guessing we're not supposed to know yet. Has RJ or BS ever even HINTED as to whether or not this is even figure-outable?
  9. I don't think raw strength in the power is learned. I think you're born with it or not. Matter fact, I'm sure of this. If this wasn't the case, there would be an entirely different AS hierarchical system.
  10. Jemron- Is it possible that when a person is used a Proxy, it's almost like they're "possessed" by the person using them? Seems like this would explain why Taim reacted the way that Demandred would have when given honors by Rand. Of course, it could just be as simple as Taim and Demandred are crazy similar personalities. I mean, they both have reason to be brutally jealous of Rand.
  11. Sharaman- Actually, I don't think Mesaana was THAT strong in the Power. Egwene is like a fusion power plant of saidar. Sure Mesaana is stronger than nearly every other AS, but I doubt she's much stronger than Egwene, Aviendha, or *especially* Nynaeve or Alivia (yes I know she's not AS, but still...) Actually, I bet that Nynaeve and Alivia are stronger than virtually all the Forsaken. Except old school Lanfear.
  12. Just a weird hunch I've had since Cyndane appeared- We've never seen anyone bounce back from death a la Shai'tan with LESS power than they had previously. Except Lanfear. I think we can all agree that Cyndane is Lanfear reborn. BUT- her strength took a dramatic dive upon rebirth. Does anyone think that Lanfear and Moiraine swapped strength in the Power a la the Finn? I mean, Cyndane's strength seems to be described much how Moiraine's would've been described prior to her dramatic departure from the story. Just a hairbrained idea. But one that makes me think...
  13. Maybe it's like the transporter in star trek. If you're touching someone else that hasn't been through and you have, maybe you get sucked in because you're in physical contact with one who hasn't?
  14. Vulgir- Actually, he's right. Demandred would indeed look like an unusually tall Saldean guy. Based on the description in that big white "World of WoT" book or whatever it was called. Demandred looks so much like Taim it's ridiculous. I wonder if making them SO similar was a goof on RJ's part. <as lightning strikes me down in my tracks>
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