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Approved Warders Bio For Consec Driheej - CCd by WK


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Name: Consec Driheej

Age: 17

Place of Origin: Andor

Hair Color: Pure White

Eye Color: Very Dark Blue - Basically, Black

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 130 lb

Brief History:

Born in a small village, Consec Driheej yearned to prove himself. As he grew and, his sinewy lean form began to develop, he ceased to help his late mother inside the house and began to help his father with his blacksmithing. With his father's broad shoulders overlooking his work, he became a competent smith, albeit with a thinner frame than most. However, during the Winter of his 17th year, when Consec was just over 16 years old, he began to feel... dissatisfied with his life. During that same time, Consec's mother died, leaving her husband to raise their child. After a great deal of pleading, Consec convinced his father to let him join the Andoran army. He joined a nearby garrison in Baerlon, acting as both temporary blacksmith and full-time trainee.

As another winter came and went, Consec, now one of the foremost soldiers with a longobow and glaive, found himself wishing for more. One day, when a regal, short Aes Sedai passed through with her Warder, he found himself enying the Warder's grace & skill. The Warder, a man of few words, sparred only twice with Consec before his Aes Sedai had to leave. Nevertheless, he had made a great impression on the 17 year old young man.

Collecting his pay, Consec left Baerlon for the White Tower in the hopes of becoming a Warder. Newly arrived, but competent enough after more than a year as a recruit, he has applied to guard the White Tower, and to become more like that mysterious Warder that so impressed him. A

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