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Hey fellow enthusiats! New guy here!


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So, my name is Jason. I live in thye top of texas in a small podunk town north of Amarillo. I have been an avid reader of TWoT since it came out. I am so excited to hear that RJ is well enough to start the last book. Of course, I hope that does not make me sound like an ass! LOL I want him to be well whether he writes the last book or not. His books are some of the best I have ever read! Well, if anyone wants to be friends or know more about me, just ask. I will give my email or messenger id to whomever wants it. Oh yeah, I am a myspace whore as well! LOL Glad to meet you!

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Glad to meet you too. Friends huh? You dont waste any time. Well if you want someone to talk to just pm me, cause i love pms.


Welcome, to dm the place where you can be anything your heart desires, so long as it has to do with WoT of course. Here you can be an Aes Sedai wielding the one power upon others, or become a kind gental ogier siging to the trees. Or maybe become a wolf brother and talk to wolves.

Plus RPing and many more other things. Welcome again to dm.

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Guest Egwene

Hi Brianth... you don't sound like a bunny... just addicted... like the rest of us :lol:


Have a look round the forum and post to you hearts content... you'll find lots of nice people and interesting things.


Having read WoT for so long, you are bound to have some ideas as to the various theories... Who is of the Black Ajah? Who killed 'you know who'? What's Verin up to...etc. Why not visit the book discusson boards, vote in the polls and post your thoughts and ideas?


Have fun :P


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