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Civilians (but all can give input please)


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Guest Dalinar

Currently, some of our most active BT members are found in our civilian ranks.


Currently, there is not really any scope for 'advancement'/recognition of activity/achievement/etc in the Civilian group.


I want to hear from the Civilian players, and also from anyone else who has thoughts, what you think about this. Is it something important to you? Do you have any ideas/suggestions on what we could do about this situation? Or does it not really phase you at all and you're quite happy just RPing your character?


I'm keen to hear anything people have to say.





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I quite enjoy the fact that I don't have to worry about training and advancing to play Jocelyn as fully as I'd like, though perhaps something could be given as an incentive for activeness - sort of like the Freelanders are given ranks for their number of RPs? And perhaps weapons training, it could be interesting to give Joc a weapon score, perhaps even have the civilians do that kind of training with the crazies *cough* channellers.


It's not important to me, but it would be nice, I guess, to get something for all the RPs I've done - from what I can see I've been the most active civvie around here yet. But like I said - I like Jocelyn whethere she gets glory or not :wink:

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I actually asked about this when i first came, but I want there to be some sort of weapon score. These ladies are surrounded by weapons, and have absolutely no ability to protect themselves "should battle come" to the BT and they have to sneak out, or something. Weapons training would also let us be able to RP with people we wouldnt usually RP with.


Also, I was thinking maybe jobs would be cool, if they were available, like for the inn and being a waitress or something. You could get a rank higher, or something.


Even better... ever thought of having a civilian on staff? My vote goes to Katekins over there!

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