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Hey, I'm new around here, but not to roleplaying or WoT. I know a few people around here: Zaire, goldeneyes, (maybe a few more). I'm a member of the Shadow Rising (can be fun, but jaden the admin is a dick-head sometimes) and the Great Hall (yeah, it's kinda lame, but whatev).

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though, innocently, of course





p.s. like u already did, you can ask me for some questions..or anyone else around here cuz i've learned that almost everyone here would be glad to help a newbie! you can also look around and most likely you'll find the answer to your question doing so. questions about biographies can usually be found in a sticky in the division you plan on joining (for ex. if u wanted to join the white tower rp, click on its thread and there should be something at the top of the forum) if not, you can also scroll down to the bottom of the page in the dragon reborn rp planning and click on the thread titled Biographies and check out some of the bio's in there to get some good examples...seeing as they are all pre-approved.


i rambled alot, about something that you will most likely not have any trouble with, however, its there, and so is the rest of DM if you need any help


welcome!!!! :D

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Guest Egwene

Hi Moseley... how is it going?


Hope you'll be able to escape Zaire's clutches occasionally and have a look around the rest of the forum *g*.

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The Orgs have noting to do with the roleplaying. They are community only. If you want to RP, you'll need to join a Division. For example, if you want to RP as a member of the Band of the Red Hand, you'll need to join the Dragon Reborn PSW, then join that Division. Its a little confusing at first, but you'll get the hang of it.

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